Will Monzo be successful in America?

If Monzo gained traction in the USA then here’s an interesting fact to think about going forwards.

As they were approaching $20bn valuations, both Spotify and Slack recently listed their shares straight onto US stock markets without an IPO and experienced a positive outcome. That is historically a very unusual thing to do, but it seems to be turning into a trend now.

The reason why this could be relevant is that both Spotify and Slack had Accel Partners (of Facebook-backing fame) heavily invested in them and giving them strategic guidance.

Anyone know of any other companies Accel are heavily invested in who they might want to guide in this direction?

(all speculation and conspiracy theories entirely created by myself, DYOR etc :wink:)


right now, I bank with Qapital which sends instant notifications in addition to whatever Monzo is planning to offer. It will be tough sell for Monzo to get serious US customers, unless it can provide the customers with some value added features.

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