Why is Monzo not included in the UK bank quality of service survey?

You’ve probably seen the news yesterday about the latest iteration of an independent survey on bank quality of service:

It’s a survey that was mandated by the government as part of a push to improve competition in the banking sector. If I understand the following document correctly, it should include all banks that have more than 150,000 active current accounts, which should apply to Monzo?

So I’m curious if anyone knows why Monzo (and other new banks like Starling) aren’t included?

I think the ‘2017’ in the pdf link is a big clue. The report was carried out before Monzo and Starling reached those customer numbers.

I believe when updated customer satisfaction numbers are released then Monzo will appear in them, but maybe don’t quote me on that.


Something to do with only the ‘popular’ banks being surveyed?

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I think that’s the wrong link. From the BBC news article it seems to be this:

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Ah, thanks for that. I’ve had a look at that 2019 report, and I shall now update my earlier reply to say that the part where the 2019 report says “results are only published where at least 100 customers have provided an eligible score for that service in the survey period” probably accounts for the lack of any fintech bank stats.

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first direct do not operate a branch network

Well at least their document format is ready for 2020!

It says the ‘16 largest current account providers’. I doubt Monzo is in there with only ~1,500,000 customers?

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Which as of now is more than First Direct. There may be a lag though

I believe we will be included in the next survey :+1:


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