Why I cancelled my Monzo Plus account

I’m sorry for the tone of my title, I don’t mean to sound self-important. I wanted the title to catch the attention of Monzo staff, because I think Monzo plus would be a great service if this change was added.

I already track my transactions via spreadsheet, and so I was delighted to see that Monzo plus offers this automatically. I signed up right away. But when I saw that the features only applied to my primary account, I cancelled.

My wife and I use a joint account where we both pay our income into from our personal Monzo accounts. I hoped that the transaction history would work for our joint account too, but it doesn’t.

Most of the benefits of Monzo Plus are not useful to us because we only use our joint account.

If Monzo could extend these features to joint accounts, we’d switch to Monzo Plus in a second.

There’s already hundreds of posts about joint accounts for Plus. It’s something a lot of people want and it’s something they have said they will look at, but are prioritising single accounts first.


Out of interest how would you see it working - would you pay an additional subscription for the joint account? So if you and your wife signed up to plus, you’d then also need to purchase a 3rd subscription for the joint?

Personally, I’d see it as a free bonus if both members of the couple joined: Plus on both personal accounts as well as the joint.

I think as it’s a separate account, it should be a separate subscription as well. Thinking about Premium when it eventually launches, my partner would never pay for features for themselves but I might be able to convince them to split a monthly fee with me

I think this is where things get a bit more complicated with the way Monzo and Starling do Joint Accounts. Both of them require both parties to have a Personal Account as well and that’s not really the norm as I’ve experienced.

My Santander 1-2-3 Lite Joint Account doesn’t require both parties to have separate Personal Accounts, in fact, my Personal Account that I had with Santander was simply converted into our Joint Account. We pay the same fee for the Joint Account as we would if it was just a Personal Account (£1), has all the same features (Overdraft, Cashback, etc) and has the same Eligibility Critera (Minimum £500, 2 DDs, etc).

The same applied when I previously had a Joint Barclays Account.

So really, given the current feature-set, it should just be £5 and be able to be applied to just the Joint Account although I’d settle with us both paying £5 on our Personal Accounts and getting the Joint Account ‘thrown in’.

I have no problem with this in principal, however, they should really be building the backend so that they can release to both at the same time by now and also, Monzo don’t exactly have a good track record at coming back and bringing features through to the Joint Accounts cough IFTTT cough

You should be able to just add someone to a single current account and make it joint with the same functionality.

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I would hope that, when Plus is launched for joint accounts, there is no requirement to have it on your personal account(s). Most people will only need these features once.


I’d change the title.

This is about Joint Accounts and Plus. There are already topics on this. Just add your voice and vote to those rather than dilute with another topic.

So yeah, seems a little self-important :wink:

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