Why do you use cash?

The village shop does not offer it.
Theres a post office in the village and thats the easiest option. I just move £10 to starling then withdraw it.

My favourite local barbers only take cash. I’d rather have the hassle of getting cash out to pay for that than try and find another one that that does a good job but also takes card.

  1. My barber only accepts cash. Ditto the market stalls from which I occasionally buy lunch, or the cloakroom in the club I went to on Friday
  2. The shop downstairs from the office (that sells the same chocolate bars for 40% less than my office charges for it) only accepts card payments from £3 upwards
  3. When on holiday in some countries, card payments are far less widely accepted. Also, on rare occasions, paying cash is cheaper
  4. Someone occasionally does small odd jobs for me, such as helping with the garden. They only take cash
  5. I imagine that for many people, privacy is also an issue. There may be times (for example when you’re buying a present for someone who shares an account with you) when you don’t want your purchase to show up on your statement
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I know someone that will only buy cigarettes cash for privacy reasons. (understandable)

The farmer that works on my car takes bank transfer now.

A few market stalls in town have izettle or paypal readers to take cards.
The window cleaner also has a paypal reader to take card.

Pub in village takes card with no min spend. (debit cards only tho for under £10)

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I know some people who use cash for budgeting. You can be much more confident when you pop to your local pub with £30 cash in your pocket that you won’t spend any more than that.


This was something mentioned at the Monzo debate earlier this year.

I think Monzo could help build this in Ala their gambling block.

For example I could set a budget for the pubs/restaurants merchants category. After that Monzo would decline payments of that merchant type. It doesn’t stop cash withdrawals, but does make things more difficult.

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I agree.

As an opt-in feature, I also quite like the idea that when you make your first payment of the day at an establishment (e.g. a pub), the app tells you how much you usually spend when you visit that establishment (number of days visited DIVIDED BY total spend). It then asks you whether you want to set a limit for that day. (This could also potentially be done through geofencing as soon as you arrive in the pub)


I can forsee that being a sobering figure for some.

No pun intended.

If banks that provide instant transaction/balance updating (Monzo, Starling, etc) did not exist I would probably still be using cash for budgeting.


As for many above, pretty much down to the local barbers and the one local pub that put their card minimum up to £10 this year

In the former case they are fairly young and switched on guys so not sure why, but the latter just enjoy being on the axis of awkward for most things

The other time I end up using cash is when I am out with one of my sets of friends. They are a little bit older and rather more enamoured of cash (and rather less aware of FinTech) - early forties seems to the tipping point by anecdotal experience

My mum still uses physical cash envelopes for budgeting.

Mine frustratingly uses money in jars.

Eh I have my money in pots :man_shrugging:

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:fish: & :fries: shop as it only takes cash. That’s the only reason I ever touch cash tbh, everything else is Google Pay.

It must be a really good place then

Oh don’t know how good the plaice is, I always go for cod.


I could see it being hard to imagine if you live in a city but in rural towns it’s very common for places to only take cash. No fish and chip shops in my town take card, and some takeaways don’t. I’d rather have nicer food than save a minute going to the cash machine on the way (even though I really hate cash!).

Other examples recently - I need to use cash soon to buy a poppy. I had to use some this week to buy tickets to a fireworks night for a small local charity event. Very occasionally I’ll put some in a birthday card for relatives who are children who don’t have a bank account. When I do pub quizzes I have to pay the entry fee in cash. I had a carpet fitted recently and had to pay the fitters cash on the day. A lot of it’s charity stuff tbh. My husband uses it in his work canteen because the card machine is super slow and he doesn’t like holding up the queue since it’s very busy there.

I’d still say I use cash very rarely. These are not everyday things for me.

I think the number of places with card minimum spends has also gone up since they introduced the new rules about not charging a fee for using card.


Nuts to rural towns (no offence…), no fish and chip shops in my bit of south London take card for takeaway and we quite like like eating takeaway fish and chips. It’s either cash or eat something else.

What’s with barbers not taking card? Even in London it’s often cash only.

I hate cash. Literally will avoid anywhere cash only. Unless I’m spending £10/20 exactly I get left with change and that just gets lost or spent on crap I wouldn’t usually buy.

The only times I use cash really are when I’m overseas. Even then it’s rare. The metro in Bangkok springs to mind but that’s all.

Even my poppy was bought via contactless machine this year.

There isn’t a single barber in my town that takes card payments so I am required to use cash for this along with a couple of small businesses (chippy and ice cream shop). Apart from that I use my Monzo card and Apple Pay for everywhere else. Heck I can even use my Monzo card on the bus now thanks to Stagecoach rolling out contactless payments on all of their services in my area.