Which credit option is easier to get, overdraft, flex or loan?

I am just curious if anyone knows which credit options are more likely to be approved
Flex, overdraft or a loan?

Any information would be appreciated :+1:t3:

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Sorry but easy to who? You? Some rando on the Internet?

No one can tell you that, because they’re not you.

Personally I’ve no issue with any of the above but that’s because my credit score is decent and I pay off loans on time.


It’s all based on credit history and income/outgoings.

There’s no definitive way to say what you’re eligible for until you apply.

You might be eligible for a loan, but be declined Flex or an overdraft.

Monzo along with any other entity, wouldn’t share the specific criteria on which is lower risk, or easier to apply for.

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Sorry, I meant in general. If anyone knew much about the types of credit and which is the best to work towards and build on.

I do not know much about it and hence my question. Thank you


Thank you for this reply @Carlo1460

Probably worthwhile giving this whole article a read as it explains about credit, handling it and possibly most other things you’d want to know.

Only you know what type of credit is best for you.

A loan has fixed monthly repayments.

An overdraft is a recurring, and expensive, method of borrowing.

A credit card can help you pay for expensive goods and services up front, and you repay back the balance to which you can generally use again.

But yes, the link above might help you.


I understand and I didn’t mean to come across as harsh, just honest.

The answer would be why do you want credit? If it’s just for building a score you don’t really need to in general as it’s “made up” anyway.

But you could consider a 0% credit card and commit to paying it off IN FULL each month or similar.

This would show you as a responsible lender and help to build up your score over time.


Thank you for the clear explanation.
Appreciate the time to reply :+1:t3:



Can I add if you wish to check your credit file up to date one then.
I use check my file as this has Experian Transuion Experian all in the one app and it will also show what credit utilisation and your up-to-date credit history from all of the above credit reference agencies and also I find it a lot better than clearscore and the other single agency’s.
, it’s also tells you what company has checked any of your application for credit with one of the the Cra IE monzo may check with all three and others credit financial institutions may just check with just one of them it also shows you a time line of your credit balances.

And also tell you your payments and if your behind or in default as well as if you have financial association with members of your family.
And plenty of very good information but as the community member has said a credit score is made up score.

So if you want to apply for a credit card then always do a eligibility check first it will then give you a percentage of if you could get the product in question…

And money helper can also advise you or your eligibility on a credit cards for building you score or a money transfer…


No point going for a 0% credit card and then paying IN FULL each month imo.

Standard card + PAY IN FULL

0% card + minimum payments + statement balance to a savings account to cover it at the end of the 0% term.

This is how I work all my credit cards anyway.


I suppose this makes sense on reflection, so you don’t get used to the 0% period. I was thinking of it as a safety buffer, but yeah this could be a way to inadvertently encouraging spending.

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I’d say Flex.

I know of someone with a very very thin credit file (360 credit score Equifax, new in the country 6 months, not on electoral roll, but does get their salary paid into Monzo)

They were first offered a £500 flex and recently increased to £1500, was denied loan when applied but they never tried to apply for an Overdraft


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