Which categories would you like to see?

Now that more people are using Monzo for their current account, the present categories are feeling a bit limited. I’d like to see Monzo expand them rapidly and hide ones I don’t use. At present I don’t use ‘Cash’ or ‘Holidays’, but misuse some other categories since you can’t add your own :man_shrugging:

Which categories would you most like to see?

  • :moneybag: Income
  • :bank: Fees (interest payments, overdraft etc, could include advice on how to avoid debt?)
  • :money_with_wings: Taxes
  • :moneybag: Savings (for withdrawals)
  • :house: Housing
  • :derelict_house: Insurance
  • :ambulance: Health (inc Fitness)
  • :postbox: Postage
  • :gift: Gifts (including Charity)
  • :child: Kids

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Any more essentials that I’ve missed?

Categories Wishlist

What I’d really like to see long term on categories from Monzo:

  • Some more categories please - there is no reason not to just add these now
  • Custom sub-categories (so that monzo can mostly ignore them in their UI and I can use them!)
  • Don’t present categories in a spending report which are not used (are 0)
  • Don’t present certain categories (Saving withdrawals for example) in a spending report at all, as the money is not spent so much as moved around to other pots elsewhere
  • Have targets for savings which reward you rather than scold for reaching them

If you hide the categories which are not used, there’s no reason not to have more of them, and the current set is really starting to feel limited now.


Sub-categories would be things like Clothing or Toys under Shopping, Drinks under Entertainment, Healthcare, Medicines under Health or Investments and Premium Bonds under Saving say, but crucially users should be able to create them, and then this would relieve any pressure for new categories in future - just make your own sub-category instead. Later Monzo might even suggest some of these based on what users create, and when you go into Shopping say could present your shopping split out into different subcategories rather than just one list, but for now just let users create them please.

Any more ideas you’d like to see under the Spending tab?


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