When is Monzo expecting to make a profit

Has Monzo set a date of when it hopes to become profitable / break even.
Thanks in advance

No one here will know. We’re just community members.

I’m not sure if even Monzo support would know the answer to that question.

They did

But then pandemic so it no longer applies


The day after the country is virus free.

Kudos to them.:+1: I really hope they make big profits! Monzo provides top shelf customer service, very professional, always there to assist, very flexible with payments, as well. I’ve never had a bad experience from this Bank, not even once! I advised all people I knew to switch to Monzo.

Happy 2021 Monzo people’s!


Is that the shelf that stores the dirty magazines?

There are many customers who would disagree with your statement there.

I too, however, am not one of them. Perhaps I have been fortunate.


They lost £115m in the last financial year, that was before the pandemic. Monzo has certainly not made any profit yet. The future is harder to predict.


The original answer to this question was that they expected to be profitable sometime in 2020 - 2021. But the pandemic has put stop to that, and their last annual report does not mention specifically a plan to be profitable in this financial year.

At a guess I’d say that they will need to overcome the ongoing pandemic, assess the costs, and re plan, but that it would likely be a goal/expectation in 2021 - 2022.

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Yep I know. The question wasn’t if they were but when they were expecting to

Oh sorry, you meant ‘they did expect to’, I thought you meant ‘they did make a profit’ :sweat_smile: my bad

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I know they are not banking in the normal sense, high street banks, but they offer so much more and so much more flexibility with their accounts

the pots themselves for example, being able to create a pot for each bill, something you can not do even with HSBC

I know with Lloyds and Halifax, you can open upto 5 extra saving accounts and then rename them, but some people have more bills than that, I suspect a lot of people have a lot more pots than that

You are right about the features. But, without a company generating cash or having a strong path forward, it cannot give value to its shareholders. Those who bought the shares are quite doomed for the foreseeable future and bought it just because the service and the app is good without thinking forward.

:rotating_light::chart_with_downwards_trend: Optimism levels tanking :chart_with_downwards_trend: :rotating_light:

I bought shares. I have since viewed that money as gone, with a possibility it will return and maybe even as a larger amount. No investment has a guaranteed win. I don’t feel doomed though, well, not from owning a few :monzo: shares at least.

Gawd, I need cheering up now. Cue lightsaber cat:


Are the loses that Monzo is making as bad as they first appear? I know next to nothing about economics and money so I don’t actually know how bad this is.

Short answer is no.

Startups are expected to lose lots of money over their first few years while they establish themselves in the market and grow the customer base.

Significantly larger investments firms still see Monzo as a good investment, as they upped their investments in 2020.

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Well this is just patently false. :point_down:

And incredibly presumptuous - have you spoken to every shareholder? I suppose some of the largest and most successful VC’s, such as Y Combinator, who invested in the past 12 months, also didn’t think ahead?

Anyway, I’m not sure any investor, big or small didn’t “think ahead” as that is literally the only reason for investment.

Regarding not being able to give value to shareholders, and the “doom” you speak of. It’s an unlisted, private company, and was made quite clear that any liquidity would take some time. Which it is. So no change, no doom, and no more or less value than anyone expects.


I’m curious, are you saying that with no profit forthcoming and no strong path forward, as a shareholder you are still getting value? Apologies if I misunderstood.

In addition, I’m not saying that is what the case actually is regarding Monzo.

I am. In Monzo’s case, I’m 100% confident that in absolutely any circumstance, even in the extreme scenario were Monzo didn’t continue operating for another day as a business, the value of it’s customer book, loan book, software (which is of enormous value), internal tooling, brand, and all other assets combined, when sold, net me more than I paid as a shareholder. By my rough calculation, Monzo would have to be sold for around 20-30x less than it is valued today (around £60m) for me to make a loss. Monzo currently has more cash on hand than that, so I’m confident they’re worth more.

Monzo does not carry any debt itself, so even if Monzo was sold for £100, I would get at least some return, but obviously even if the ceased to operate tomorrow, they would be worth much more.

Because of that, Monzo as an investment, for me, is a net positive and has provided value. When that will be realised into capital I can spend myself, my guess is as good as any. But they have, and continue to, provide more value.


But surely all that is all based on having a strong path forward - you were saying it had value without that. Without, it would squander money until it was sold for nothing.

Obviously the VCs who recently put more money can see the way to profit, that’s a massive vote of confidence for me

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