The Road to Profitability

So Monzo has obviously had a tremendous Q4 of 2018 - £85 million in private investor funding and £20 million from us, the loyal Monzoers(?) (trying to come up with some name for us - not the best attempt)

I’m also fairly certain that Monzo is now per customer profitable. But that being said Monzo is naturally (as it should be) spending money to develop and is running at a loss as a company.

So I guess my question is - what services do you see Monzo providing that will put it on the road to profitability - I appreciate this is not Monzo’s focus and is likely a ways off but from a customer level what would you ‘buy’ into that you think will make Monzo profitable?

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Credit Cards with a reward system.


I like it certainly better than my attempt! :joy:

I know Monzo are rolling out or at least testing Loans so I suppose a next step could be Credit Cards - although I know there is a Cashback thread on the forum where that is being debated.

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Ha, as in rhymes with Ponzi [scheme]?


Oh. Is it?

I read it like Cacti - so Monz-eye but I can see the confusion :joy:

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I think that Monzo aren’t losing money to open and manage new accounts (to be honest I can’t remember where I saw it so could be wrong)


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