What's the last bit of tech you bought?

(Stuart) #481

My IFTTT Pizza Tax also contributed to majority towards it. Whatever I spend on domino’s the same amount goes into the Fried Gold pot to buy those big things that usually I’d balk at. If I can spend it on pizza, I can spend it on something that great that will last longer.

(Brian Hunter) #482

I really like my NVidia Shield. Great Android TV Device.


That’s incredibly cheap.

Last bit of tech I bought was a dash cam but decided to return it as hlfelt it was too big. Last bit of tech I kept was some of them tp link plugs you can use with Alexa and Google Home.


I should probably do this with my Deliveroo spending. :joy::joy:


So the new 12.9" / 64GB / Wifi option is £969, two hundred price increase. :sweat:

(Ben ) #486

So I just picked up a little mobile broadband router.

For working away from home and the office, or trains and such.

Normally relied on tethering form my personal phone, but I ended up with an £8/mo deal which seemed reasonable enough for a bit of extra reliability.

Not that ‘techy’ but hey it filled a very small hole in my life.

(Izzy) #487

I recently bought the Xiaomi Electric Toothbrush for £30… compared to other sonic toothbrushes i have used this is absolutely brilliant and a bargain


(Andy) #488

How easy is it to get replacement heads?

(Izzy) #489

Not ordered any as yet, but i have seen plenty on Ali Express and hoping now that they have a store open in London, they might stock them there…

(Morty) #490

Ring2 Doorbell in the Black Friday sales.

Managed to get it up on the wall all by myself. It’s been a good day :sunglasses:

(Clinton) #491

Xiaomi Glasses and 3d Printer)

(Scott) #492

My last techy purchase was Fitbit versa and sharp 4K TV got my eyes on apple AirPods but haven’t yet invested :thinking:


Two nest units to replace my Tado setup (blame @Jackcrwhitney he’s a bad influence!)

(Jack) #494

Latest purchase:
A Nest unit to replace our old standard programmer and thermostat :fire: :blush:

Sorry (not sorry) @glasgow :see_no_evil:

(Brian Hunter) #495

Kinda jealous of that one. They look great, but I live in a close.

(Richard) #496

iPhone X to replace my iphone 7…

Could have spent more… :no_mouth:


I just ordered a Google Home Hub! Pondered all over the weekend and then was sent an offer from Very.co.uk so went for it!


I’ve ordered a Google Home Hub and some Google Mini’s as an Apple user that has tried Android so many times and failed this seems very strange to me :neutral_face:


A dash cam for the mini - great deal on at the moment https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/yi-dash-cam-1080p-60fps-165-wide-angle-2499-sold-by-yi-official-store-uk-and-fulfilled-by-amazon-3120562

(Richard) #500

Resurrecting this… did you ever install the nest units? Interesting to hear your experience vs tado…