What's the last bit of tech you bought?

(Nicole Dall) #461

I considered waiting for the new version, but I’m not too bothered. It’s just for doing Uni assignments whilst I’m on break at work instead of carting my macbook around, so this one suits me just fine. Thanks for the heads up though! :slight_smile:

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #462

I bought a watch online recently. It arrived this morning.

Here’s the box it came in

And for those of you who think that it’s too simple to count as technology, here are the instructions

It’s a bargain at roughly 1/10th the price of an Apple Watch, and the battery life is excellent, too. It’s to replace my old, sadly broken, 30 year old Swatch.

On the other hand, I will be passing by an Apple shop soon and I want/don’t want a pair of AirPods. I know I’d love them; but that price!!

(Glenn Lewis) #463

Erm, does it? They haven’t even announced an event yet, much less announce when the new iPad comes out.

(Nick) #464


They won’t release such a hardware upgrade without a press event that’s at least a week before the shipping date. Expect an event once the iPhone XR release news/reviews has died down.

(Glenn Lewis) #466

That doesn’t mean it’s out next week though. Event invites usually go out around 10 days before, then it’s a week or so after that for the product to be available, so we’re looking at November at the earliest.

(Akaki Peikrishvili - Digital Banking at Bank of Georgia) #467

Yup, pretty sure the iPad event is in November.

iPhone XR will be releasing the next week, not the iPad.


Basically it’s a really bad time to buy the current iPad Pro is what I’m getting at.

They’ll send out invites in the next few days, it’ll be end of Oct now (~30th) they hold the press event, and most likely get your hands on it mid Nov. This is all guessing of course but quite likely as it’ll be xmas soon.

If you can’t wait a few weeks or don’t care you don’t have the latest specs then it doesn’t matter. :man_shrugging:


I usually like the latest and greatest, but after buying the 10.5" Pro when it launched, I can’t see myself upgrading for a while.

Also… I just don’t know how they’ll do Face ID on an iPad - It annoys me having to pick my iPhone up at times, and I’ll often unlock my current iPad whilst it’s laying on the table.


Guess what, it’s indeed on the 30th


Will probably go for the starting spec 12.9" / 64GB / Wifi option currently its £769 so it’ll be interesting if they keep the same/similar pricing or bump over the £800.

Forking over that money for the current 2nd gen seems :crazy_face:.


Just spotted this too, so prob in four weeks from now (~Nov 15th). :wink:

My guess is £799 starting for 12.9"


Event invites are out! Looking forward to this one even though I won’t be getting anything this time around :sob:.

(Morty) #474

I knew I shouldn’t have come in here - so talk to me about Tado.

Is it worth getting rid of Nest/Hive for? Presumably I can still use it with British Gas … even if they’d prefer me to use Hive?!


The advantage Tado has is the radiator valves.

If you install them on all the radiators, you can literally hand pick what rooms you want on.

So if you will be in the lounge all night on a cold winter, you don’t need to warm the rest of the downstairs.

It also means that when you set up the schedules, you may have different people who prefer different temps (my son prefers a warm room, my daughter a cooler room) - You can sort all this with Tado (my son has his room at 18 degrees and my daughter doesn’t bother unless it’s baltic).

(Stuart) #476

Got this last weekend, loving how slick it is

(Simon B) #477

Nice! How much?


It sounds similar to the system that I have, Genius Hub. We can set each room independently from our phones. The boiler only kicks in if one or more rooms are calling for heat, based on a sensor in the room (so actual air temperature)

Additionally, the sensor in each room is also a motion sensor, so the system can be set to only heat occupied rooms. This works great for us as my work schedule is all over the place. I can be at home for a few days and then away again, meaning traditional time based heating schedules don’t really work.

It’s made a great difference for us. The system learns when rooms are normally used and gets them up to temperature in time for your arrival. A no show turns the heating off and the room goes back to the unoccupied temperature. Rooms have occupied, unoccupied and overnight temperature settings.


Are the radiator valves actually accurate at setting a specific room temp?

I don’t understand how a device fixed to the radiator can accurately control overall room temp. Or is it coupled with a sensor elsewhere in the room?

(Stuart) #480

£190 on amazon, was going to wait for it to come down in price a bit more, but I had the money in my “Fried Gold” pot through coin jar round ups and whatnot and couldn’t wait any longer.