What's the last bit of tech you bought?

(Simmy) #501

Sony 5.1 sound system. £200 from currys


Yes I did and love them! Really glad I’ve moved from tado tbh. Thinking of getting the nest doorbell next as a result

They probably aren’t as easy to install as tado, I had to get someone in to do some rewiring but he’s done loads in my estate already so didn’t take him long at all. Really like the displays and the farsight feature. Don’t think the auto away triggers as accurately as tado but it picks it up by the lack of activity in the house anyway

(Richard) #503

Good to hear, only concern is the lack of geofencing… but will need to do some wizardry with IFTTT.

Also yes, the doorbell… although you’ll need the sub to record stuff…

Reason for asking is budgeting for future house purchase :smiley:


There is geofencing now but as I say doesn’t always seem to trigger as accurately/quickly.

My upstairs thermostat was in the hall which was always slightly cooler but with nest having the option of usb powered I’ve moved it to the master bedroom now. The sparky did stick the wires behind a blank plate in the hall should we ever decide to fit the nest there in the future which is handy.

(Richard) #505

Yeah, read some stuff that says to turn off the sensors on the thermostat itself, which is meant to help things.

Failing that some third party magic with IFTTT…

Nice work by the sparky then :smiley:


He covers Edinburgh as well if you need a guy! Text him on the Sunday morning and he came round on the Sunday night!

(Richard) #507

Back onto topic…

Last bits of Tech I bought…

  • Panasonic TX-55FZ802B (55" OLED)

  • Sonos Beam

Coming soon - 2 Sonos Play:1’s

(Richard) #508

Nice, this was the guy I found on Facebook!

Basically got a load of work for him… between… thermostat’s… cam’s and the doorbell :smiley:


I’m hoping to get cam and doorbell this year if I can afford it and I’m allowed!

(Ben ) #510

Are you using the Beam and Play 1s to set up a surround sound system?

I bought a Beam in the Jan sales - and it’s SO NICE. Sound quality of Movies improved drastically. Having a few around the house is also very nice.

(Richard) #511

I’m pre approved… sold the wife on the idea of having a doorbell that she can answer on the phone.

Already have 1 cam… need a couple more (not bothering with IQ though).

(Richard) #512

I will be! So did I, John Lewis had it reduced £329, will setup surround with the play:1’s

Linked it up with my Play:5… but not quite the surround effect with 1 of them…

(Michael) #513

I’ve got a playbar with 2 x Play:1 speakers for surround … definitely the best choice I made when I moved into my house. :sunglasses:

(Jordan) #514

Mine was a MacBook Pro 13" Non-Touchbar as my Mid-2012 MacBook Pro was on its last legs :frowning:

I had the same problem but bought this hub - its pretty sturdy and has all the ports I need (can go up to something like 7 ports) although is on the pricier side.


(John Christiansen) #515

Garmin AERA - a GPS for aircraft.


What aircraft are you going to put it in? :airplane:

(Nathan Steer) #517

The last piece I bought was this beauty Razer Blade 15 :heart_eyes:

A purchase that was immediately followed by despair at the amount of money I had just spent on a credit card, followed (when it arrived) by the jubilation of having such a beautiful machine.

(Ben ) #518

I’ve just picked up Behringer Phono-USB adaptor, along with a Raspberry Pi, so I can link my vinyl record player to my SONOS system.

Homebrew Cost: About £40.

If I got the SONOS thing that did it properly: about £400…


Can anyone recommend an iPhone XR wireless charging pad? If there’s one that doubles up as an AirPods charger that would be even better!

Belkin do one for £30 but wondering about the cheaper alternatives on Amazon

(Ben ) #520

So any that support the Qi Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0 standard should work fine - but the speed of charging will vary depending on the wattage you get.

Generally, “Normal” wattage is about 5W on the basic versions of these things - but the faster ones go between 7.5W and 10W, however I think the max the iPhone XR supports is 7.5W.

I generally find Anker reliable - and they do this 7.5W charger here, but you also need the power adapter too with an appropriate rating like this (though I’m not 100% sure if you need this to be “Quick Charge” compatible for the wireless.

That said if you don’t want the “fastest” charging (and its for overnight charging) a lower power Anker one should do the job nicely.

If you are after super fast charging, it’s worth looking into a Power Delivery USB-C charger (like this), than can charge to 50% in 30 minutes. But you need a USB-C to lightening cable.

As far as I recall, the Airpods don’t yet support wireless charging - but the next iteration likely will, although you can buy cases for your case that support it, and should work with the one above.