What's the last bit of tech you bought?

Yeh I can imagine Apple doing something akin to the original watch marketing - a fashion accessory with tech. You’re right about the AirPods though so maybe sticking to a classic style for everyone approach. I guess we’ll find out fairly soon.


Quality grinders for Espresso are more expensive than other brewing methods as you need a much finer grind and more levels of adjustment.

The Wilfa may be brilliant for Aeropress / French Press etc, but it’s not going to do a great job for espresso.

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I was looking over the past few months and saw the Amazon price sneak down to £150 once or twice. It’s a really solid choice and great value at that price.

You’re absolutely right about Espresso, and if I were to get an espresso machine and need a grinder for it, I’d probably go for a Niche Zero.

There are plenty of “Coffee Machines” that the Wilfa Svart will do an excellent job for - like my Moccamaster - so I shall stand by my recommendation until @michaelw90 comes back and clarifies if he actually means an espresso machine :sweat_smile:

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They’re bringing it back apparently although the promo video was a tad unrealistic IMO (there was no sign of any electronics at all, and I’m not convinced you can make a display that’s completely invisible in one direction).

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I watched this, which lead me back in my search and how I found Nreal,

If they do more than just translate would be very interested :eyes:.

Was interested on the camera in Google glass, more the notification, directions, and fitness such as Strava telling you speed and distance and heart rate,
Surprised Glass wasn’t move of a success on that alone

I just wanted glass to do things like tell me what peoples names were :stuck_out_tongue: Directions would have been cool.

I think the health thing will be covered by watches/bands eventually - primarily they cover exercise now but there’s a market for general health monitoring so it can warn you to contact a GP before something more serious develops.

Glass suffered from being expensive and not nearly as good as billed - it was just a small display at the top. It’s still sold for industrial purposes… $1000 a pop.

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Another HomePod Mini. This time orange.

I need to set them all up this week.

How many is that now?

I want a few more, but saw the rumour of a new one coming late this year/early next year from Kuo, so I’m in wait for the next one mode.


Does anyone have an instant photo print-y thing, be that a camera or a printer? I really want to have more physical records in my life, be that a planner or physical photos, but not sure what’s best.

Obviously I won’t buy an inkjet/colour laser printer but these instant things seem tiny. Are they?

What’s the best solution for photo printing these days?

It’s probably not the sort of answer you want, but I use Motif for things like photo books. It’s not cheap, you have to wait, but you get something of far greater quality than any consumer grade printer will offer.

There was one I came across a few years back that really impressed me where others generally haven’t so I’ll try to find that and update this post when I’ve found it.

Edit: found it!

The printer I have at home is the HP Tango X, but I’m not sure if that’s what you’re looking for either.

For now this is the Motif app:

For planners, I’ve always admired moleskine ones, but never owned one. I’m not an analogue sort of person.


My third mini. Plus the OG.

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Thanks! The HP Tango is definitely not the sort of thing I’d want, I generally try to stay away from inkjets (have a fairly basic b&w laser printer for general printing needs).

Prynt looks interesting, but also a bit gimmicky on first sight – I worry that it’s just one added feature that can be turned off later/can be used to argue for the service to be stopped altogether. I suppose that’s a risk with other systems too. I’d mainly use it for travel photos/travel scrapbooking.

Motif seems really good though for general saving of memories! Have you used them a lot? What’s their pricing like? On the website all I can see is a “from” price with no indication of how many pages that would include.

On physical planners, with digital I just find that I miss a lot of appointments and reminders if I don’t have constant, repeated reminders set. I hope getting a physical planner and building a habit of checking it every day would help with that. I found the Traveler’s Notebook which looks great for this (and many other purposes) so have one arriving soon. But that’s perhaps for the stationery thread.


I’ve used Motif to convert a couple of photos into canvas style prints for hanging on the wall and they turned out really well. I like that the app gives you an idea what your chosen size would look like.


I would recommend going for acrylic over canvas. The colours and the vibrancy is a huge upgrade.

Photobox usually have a sale on. Currently 40% off.


By far the best solution is still an online photo shop. It probably works out cheaper and it’s definitely easier. Upload and it comes to your door a day or so later, I do this with snapfish often.

The issue with home printers is, you need to spend well over £500 for a laser printer capable of outputting photos and anything shy of £1500 is going to have quality issues. Or you can get an inkjet but then the production cost will likely be more than if you just order them.

I’m looking forward to this 1TB SSD arriving today - can’t believe you can get a terrabyte for £70 - I remember when it was around £2.50 per GB. Will be using this to put my Steam games on and move them from my old mechanical drive.

Your whole computer will run so much faster from an ssd! Install windows on it

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My OS is already on an SSD and I have another 120GB SSD for the games I play the most, but I was finding that big games (like Destiny 2) that were on my old drive were just a bit too slow, so this drive should get rid of that problem! I look forward to upgrading my entire setup (building it from scratch) as it’s all pretty outdated now and I’d quite like NVMe and DDR4/DDR5.

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An NVME drive is no faster than a SATA ssd really, although they also cost a similar amount. Totally with you on building a computer though! Do it!

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