What's not helping your budget this week?

(Ben) #1

Used to enjoy this type of thread on the old YNAB forums back in the day. As the title says, what’s happened this week that is really not helping your finances?

For me…

I went out for a “quick beer” after work last night. Turned into rounds. Which turned into a Curry. Which turned into an Uber home.

Definitely didn’t have that much dosh in my Beer money fund this week.

How about you all?

(Andy) #2

Had a Chinese with friends last night which hasn’t helped my diet or my budget!

(Eve) #3

The excitement about football was a great marketing opportunity for many brands… I think I spent quite a bit of my shopping budget with all the “IT’S COMING HOME” sales this week.

(knows someone who knows Tom quite well) #4

My SO discovering the spa at our hotel…

(Colin Robinson) #5

Tripped, fell over, broke my glasses. No alcohol involved. Strong prescription (9.75/7.75) varifocals so not going to be a cheap fix. Oh and my eye is now a lovely aubergine shade.

(Jonathon) #6

Watched the football in a pub charging £6.75 a pint and got dragged into rounds :grimacing:


Amazon Prime day looming

(Uatu) #8

Costs on my home planet have risen sharply which displeases me.


Do they not have Monzo on your planet?

(Kevyn) #10

I’m going out tonight for a retirement dinner. Next Tuesday, a Year 6 Leavers dinner and next Friday a end of year staff dinner. Not budgeted for the meals or the drinks which will accompany them and probably going to use a credit card. I do get paid next Friday which will pay it off though.

(Andy) #11

Urgh I forgot it’s prime day on Monday. I fear my bank balance will not fair well!

(Jorge) #12

Fnac and science fiction books. Just spent £80 in Asimov and Herbert’s books :sweat_smile:

(Uatu) #13

I have made a special agreement with the beings known as the Monzonaughts so that my home currency is readable in their special application tool known as Monzo.

(Emily Jones) #14

This time of year is always a killer for me as it’s both parents’ and sibling’s birthday just after June payday.


Kids off school so extra food and extra electricity needed :disappointed_relieved:

(Michael) #16

Changing jobs kinda killed my budget for the entire month :frowning:

On a good note, got a letter today that the water bill is now nearly halved :smiley:

(Simmy) #17

Not so much this week but the end of this month, re-subscribing to NowTV so i can watch the footie £34.99 per month but I split it with my parents so £17 each. Hopefully can get a discount like last season to get it for £20 per month. The organisation who support me are suposed to start paying half towards my broadband but they are messing about and taking their time.

(Michael) #18

Stag do :frowning:
Enough said.

Although I did save for it, I fear I’ve still over spent.