What would the Community like to see from Monzo Plus in Q4?

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My money back? :joy:

Excellent list!

My personal wish list would be:

  • The full Monzo experience for connected accounts (so full transaction details, comprehensive history that doesn’t vanish after x days, ability to add notes, categories etc, enrichment etc)
  • Link virtual cards to merchants and add them to Google Pay
  • More connected accounts - and present net worth in the app (so link to Zoopla or Right Move to pull in property value, connections to mortgages and investment platforms, and the ability to manually create and update the value in an eternal account - preferably with smart rules like in Emma.)
  • Analytics across all accounts. Tell me my average spend, let me interrogate my data and find insights. For me, looking back and assessing is much for interesting and useful than looking forward and budgeting.
  • Built in IFTTT stuff. Worth a bigger post, but this is really important! [Edit: post now here]

Apologies for the double post, but one thing I forgot:

  • The ability to set a pot as an off-set pot. This would mean that you can be overdrawn to the value of the funds in the pot and not pay overdraft fees.

(I know this is standard Starling functionality and some people feel strongly about this - but this isn’t the place to reopen that debate).


Include external accounts in budgeting
Allow for unsupported external accounts to be included in budgeting - is be able to say I have a savings account with £x and include that in budget

YNAB style budgeting would be great

Integration with YNAB would also be great


Here’s that bigger post:

If anyone’s interested, jump in and let’s discuss over there. It’d be good to develop a bit of a community proposition for Monzo to mull over!

Hey @richardcadman, some really basic things for Summary in its current form:

  • You can’t label incoming funds as repeating
  • Get paid early breaks it
  • It’d be good for it to reset whenever Monzo knows that you’ve been paid

Ultimately, though, I think it needs a fundamental overhaul. It seems to me to be a mixture of things, none of which it does very well. In my opinion, Monzo needs distinct places to a) manage current month’s spending, b) look backwards (analytics and insight on spend), and c) look forward (comprehensively budget).


American Express is now an option to add on monzo plus. Awesome.

Make a meaningful effort to include Joint Accounts. I hardly use the personal account, but would use Monzo Plus with my Joint Account.

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As we only use our Joint account then support for Joint accounts would me my top priority. There are lots of really great ideas on here but Joint accounts holders are unable to take advantage of Plus as it is now.

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I’m on a bit of a roll this morning: I’d like to use the Monzo app to make payments between connected accounts as well as just viewing them.

(Actually, I’d like to get as close as possible to the Monzo app being able to fully service connected accounts, but one step at a time).


These ideas are great, thanks for sharing! I especially like the mental model @Peter_G is using here :arrow_heading_down:

Please keep sharing if you have more ideas on summary / budgeting, or Q4 in general :blush:


Budget hierarchy.

This weekend I spent money in London on a weekend away. Is that holiday? Is that eating out? It’s technically both but I can’t categorise it as that, not equally anyway.

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To expand on this point a bit. In this thread IFTTT + Google Sheets + Monzo = Then what? there’s a few of us that have built something to try and see our data a bit clearer.

There’s graphs and tables and charts etc. I consider myself fairly handy with Excel and there’s people there much better than me who are much smarter. There’s also people who are less sure how to create anything meaningful and do they even bother or just don’t touch this functionality? I’d be curious if you could say the % that have the Sheets integration turned on?

I built this -

It’s very very basic, looks pretty naff but gives me an overview of my spending for things I like to try and measure. I’ve probably set it up in a very convaluted way that doesn’t scale for everyones use etc and I realise that if Monzo set up a template, they don’t want to be support for “What does #ERROR mean?”

And then look at this!

Imagine if you turned on Sheets integration and it built something like this. Even if it was just a one off, a “Your Life in Monzo” but to be able to see you spend £90 on groceries every week on average but it’s more if you go after work on a Friday in a rush. Or that you buy work lunches more on a Thursday, or you spend more on a work lunch because you’ve started going to Pret instead of Greggs or that your fuel has gone up since whenever. Just little things to look at and make it more worthwhile that all this data is here.

People love the “Your Year in Monzo” and I’m sure they’d love it more if it was all of it, and all the time.


Far more flexibility over virtual cards. Payment.com gives 10 virtual cards for free. If I’m paying for it, I expect more than a handful, including instant burner cards etc.

Just use moneydashboard? It’s free and does this already.

Does it? Not that I’ve seen. Plus I don’t want ads all over it.

US only isn’t it?

But this isn’t yet another “You can get this for free/better from website.com waaah” it’s about improving Plus.


I would like to see other integrations like paypal all kinds of credit management through your bank.

Option to hide whats going into pots from round up makes statements/home screen look messy makes me wanna keep checking how much im saving and i wanna forget about it otherwise i wanna withdraw and spend.

Yes! Exactly. I want this to be how I can see my data, or as near as a Template could be.

The thing is, I am competent enough with excel to build something half decent for myself. But… It would take hours and honestly, again, the inertia of “I can’t be that bothered” takes over.

That really detracts from the Value of Plus when I need to invest a significant effort to make the Data actually useful.

And again, that’s coming from someone with the excel based competencies to do something “OK”.

So +++++ a few likes for “the next thing” being how that data Evolves.

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And I don’t want to sound like a broken record here… (what, me, never…)

But the way Peter G describes is a very very close view of how YNAB allows you to budget / view your stuff.

I’m not saying that Monzo should become YNAB, or integrate YNAB into the ecosphere (it should…), but YNAB do do a lot of things well when it comes to budgeting - so even if the Devs spent a week looking at how this fabulous tool works, I think it could inspire some great thought into how a totally comprehensive budget and analysis tool can work, for Monzo, even if it’s nothing like what YNAB do.