What would make Monzo the perfect banking experience?

Love the 5, and all the other bits and bobs.
I’d add to relax credit rating on folks! Help them build a better credit. No other bank would have touched me many years ago, but Monzo did.

I really disagree with this. It’s not just about ‘x wants this so we’ll add it’, it’s also about how that thing works, where it is, how customisable it is, how can we make sure users have the info the need to use it and customer care can help them with it if it doesn’t work’ etc.

Even the simplest additions make the product more complex. Even if it makes it better for a few users, it could make it worse for others.

I think things should only ever be added to an app that 6 million people use after extensive user research really.


That’s not quite my point.

I’m not arguing to hell with user research and throw everything into the app.

I am arguing that marginal improvements that are necessary, usually because a new feature has been released but never finished, should be prioritised, even when there is no direct evidence that they should be prioritised. Put another way, I would like Monzo to make the climate, not respond to the weather.


Cash back etc I don’t see Monzo offering while they aren’t making a profit.

Give the joint account some love would be my no1 request.


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Getting rid of the current carousel Home Screen layout and refining the main page UI will do it for me


Cheque scanning (I’m a football referee so often get cheques from clubs).

The ability to hide or opt-out of the upgrade prompts. I’ve chosen my Monzo level (Plus) and don’t need to be advised to upgrade every time I look at the app. I know premium exists.


I think a few things for me.

Cashback, both on bills and on purchases, the latter offers that actually change and rotate.

Budget and summary actually merging into one and a slowdown of features. Only putting them in when they’re actually finished.

Oh and metal cards as an optional purchase, I would love that option. I miss mine.

EDIT: I forgot about pan device support. A proper iPad app and ability to login into both at the same time

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Oops. Typo sorted. That tall London building haz no pots…

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With N26 does all the money, or all the liability belong to everyone using the account?

In Revolut the money legally belongs to one person, no matter who put it in the Group Vault.

Edit: Sorry, written whilst on the tube and posted without seeing the replies above.

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So the inevitable next question is: Can the ‘owner’ withdraw Power of Attorney and keep all the money?

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Slight de-rail, along with pot-to-pot transfers the feature request for Plus/Premium for Joint Accounts now has the most ‘joint’ (!) votes, out-voted overall only by Dark mode - which has been implemented.

Come on :monzo:


Cash back on transactions is just giving money away in a regulated interchange environment, if Liz Truss gets in, it might get get unregulated and banks might be tempted to pass it on, can’t see it otherwise unless you’re cash rich like JP Morgan.

As for getting rid of User Research, ha, do me a favour, it’s super useful, helps you build good product, and stops you just building for your noisest users on a forum

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Please discuss the merits of joint accounts over here:



I’m not sure that folk are being big picture enough here. It’s basic economics: if some cashback leads to greater revenues overall, and still a profit cut on those greater revenues, then it is economically rational for the business. It’s a route to grow profits, not a free money free for all.

No one suggested getting rid of user research. Go back and read what I said!


Cheque imaging and the ability to use Post Offices for cash/cheques


The only thing I would like is images on payees and better merchant images that get processed.


On Post Offices, would free PayPoint be acceptable? What if it was also chargeable at the Post Office?

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PayPoint doesn’t work well enough. I’d accept a post office charge.


I would want free access at Post Offices as per other banks.

Free PayPoint might be an alternative but this would be inferior in my view to Post Offices as I don’t believe you can pay in cheques and the current lack of knowledge PayPoint staff have to deal with cash deposits.