What really grinds your gears?

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People who fill Pot Noodles with boiling water to the brim.


Anyone 20+ still eat these?

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(Dawid) #337

Oh this one has been driving me nuts. I always correct learners even though it is kind of correct but doesn’t sound right to my ear

(Liam) #338

I found out several flavours are vegan the other day (including beef :joy:). Not a good discovery for my nutrition.


That actually makes me more likely to eat them tbh. I’d imagined bits of cattle that barely qualify as beef.

(Glenn Lewis) #340

And then put the lid back on, preventing water from evaporating as it should. :neutral_face:

(Ben ) #341

My grind today… Trying to get a deal on a Mobile Broadband device thing, with Three. They’ve got semi reasonable prices online - figure it can’t hurt to see if they can give me a better price.

Tried the “need help buying the thing” chat option - long story short - they we’re like “We can call you and connect you with our sales team”. Ok, sure.

Side note: My current phone number used to be on Three - maybe 6 years ago?

Pick up the call.
“Just need to ask you some routine security questions sir”
Err, but this is a sales call. I don’t have an account with you.
“I know sir, but it looks like this number used to be on a Three account so I have to do security”.
But I don’t have an account with you…
“If you can confirm the postcode of the billing address please”
I’ve moved at least 4 times since I’ve had a three account. I’ve got no idea what address it was.
“Ok sir, if you can confirm the bank account number your direct debit was paid from”
It was at least 6 years ago. I don’t have that account any more.

“OK sir, I’m afraid as you cannot pass security I cannot handle your call today”.
But you called me?! And I’m trying to buy something?!

(Nick) #342

Because I’ve see examples of this twice today, once on TV and once elsewhere here on this forum:

When people say something is ‘very unique’.


‘Unique’ is a word that should never be modified. Something is either unique, or it isn’t. You wouldn’t say something is ‘very one-of-a-kind’ would you? :face_vomiting:


You wouldn’t say something is ‘very one-of-a-kind’ would you?

I’m sure there are people that would. Looking at the marketing (aka lying) industry. :joy:

(Ben ) #344

That’s a very unique thing to get worked up over!!..


(Glenn Lewis) #345

As bad as saying something is very average.

(Hugh Wells) #346

My irritation today:

Linux’s inability to support any hardware beyond a keyboard properly. Bluetooth headphones pair, connect and are recognised by amixer as an audio device…but audio is piped into an abyss :grimacing: I suppose I am expected to write my own driver to make them work :wink:

(Aaron C) #347

This just sounds like your idea of a light evening, just before going to sleep ;D


Exactly why I gave up on Linux and now love my Mac. :heart:


A quote attributed to Sam Clemens (Mark Twain) goes along the lines of ‘substitute damn for every time you are tempted to write very, your editor will remove it and your writing will be better for it’

(Ben ) #350

That’s a damn good tip.

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That someone hasn’t invented a machine which will wrap Christmas presents for you :laughing:


Melts. Especially when there’s a bunch of them. In a club.

(Herp Derp) #353

Like the ones that frequent anything run by The Deltic Group