What really grinds your gears?

(Liam) #314

really long run on sentences that are made difficult to read because the human writing them doesnt use any punctuation or capital letters leaving no visual cues for the reader this causes my brain to to overheat and give up reading for fear of mental collapse

(Ravi) #315

The constant stream of people who claim they feel humbled by events which are anything but humbling.


I’d acquiesce with this…

I may have used a thesaurus…

(Newyork29) #317

It’s amazing how people struggle to spell my name.

‘Can I take your first name please’

Me ‘guy’

'And how do you spell that?

My heart sinks every time

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #318

Stop making me Google stuff! :rofl:

(Colin Robinson) #319

Another one I’ve just seen is ‘would of’ and ‘could of’ instead of ‘would have’ and ‘could have’.


Those airport machines that are supposed to speed you through document checks, which are so rubbish an equal number of operatives as machines are required. Stand closer/further, put your passport in 7 more times grrrrr!

(Liam) #321

Oh God, airports. :scream: I feel like I’m angry the moment I step into one.

From BS security theatre to being forced to walk through duty free to offensively expensive food. :face_vomiting::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #322

If you think it’s security theatre, what do you think is essential security at an airport?

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #323

I love airports and I’d be happy to work in one. There’s something about the atmosphere that I like, all those happy holiday people and shiny floors :laughing:

Showing your boarding pass when getting a sandwich is a bit much though :exploding_head:

(Liam) #324

A friend of mine said the same thing and I couldn’t wrap my head around it. :sweat_smile: They’re utterly hateful places to me.

@j06 I have no idea, but it certainly isn’t stealing my toothpaste. :laughing:


I do love an airport as well! :nerd_face:

(Liam) #326

Maybe I traveled through Bristol airport too often when it was at its worst. :sweat_smile: Two hour waits in the security queue will colour your impressions somewhat.

(Andy Hughes) #327

The fact I’ve walked through those automated passport machines a handful of times (I remained hopeful!) just to get rejected each time and go to the officer drove me mad, but moreso when I asked the last one why it wasn’t working. It transpires that the chip in my 6 month old passport doesn’t work and none of them had bothered to tell me?! :neutral_face:

(Liam) #328

I was at one of those passport machines once when the woman in the machine next to me triggered some alarm. As in flashing red lights and a loud urgent siren filling the room. None of the staff even blinked and she just walked around to a human passport officer to get out. :sweat_smile: Makes you wonder what the alarm was for.

(Herp Derp) #329

When I fly I always go through premium check in and passport control which is extra handy when you fly when there are millions of families all trying to get through… just go to the desk they take your stuff and bam through in minutes compared to normal.

  1. Checking the ground staff
  2. x-raying bags without stupid rules around liquids
  3. profiling

(Andy Hughes) #331

I wondered how necessary the liquids scanning was or what exactly they were scanning for the other day, when I managed to accidentally smuggle an entire 500ml bottle of coke through security in Germany. They didn’t seem that bothered about it, unless they missed it entirely which would be quite alarming…

(Liam) #332

When I put liquids in plastic bags they’d steal them for being over the limit. Now I don’t put them in a plastic bag, they don’t look/care, and I get to keep my stuff.

  1. Make sure physical security between the “public” and “secure” area of the airport is good. In a lot of cases whatever access control system they use (the secure-looking keypads & card readers) are either full of vulnerabilities (spoiler alert: they’re all networked :smirk:) or simply misconfigured and have default credentials.