What Monzo feature are you using more than you thought?

I sometimes think about the fact on some levels we may not know what we’ll find useful or not useful until we actually… use it.

What features have you been using a bunch that you didn’t anticipate? Conversely, is there something you thought you’d use loads but now find that you’re not using much?

For me… I’ve never got into the habit of using NFC payments. I always have a card wallet and pulling out the card is just second nature. I probably thought, before we had either Apple/Google Pay, that I’d use it more… but I just don’t use it.

As for something I use loads that I didn’t know I wanted until we had it… our staff-only build of a Committed Spending pot has seriously been game-changing for me, and I’ve been a loud voice of us actually building a version that we’re happy to ship publicly. Not being a developer there’s only so much I can do, but I’ve shouted very loudly in our Slack channel for it about how helpful it’s been for me.


It’s been great to save up without effort. Got two applets set up that make use of the penny spending challenge and the one that’s the day of the week.
Both going into an interest earning pot, so every little helps.
I would use round ups but that’s going towards a LISA in Moneybox.



I find it really helpful. I just wish Monzo would iterate on its current position because I have to manually set it up every month.

Plus some credits and debits don’t appear in it which can be frustrating.

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Summary - got my Committed Spending & other Spending set up and I look at this every day to see how I’m doing.


I’ve been depositing cash via PayPoint quite regularly.
I play a lot of scratch cards so any time I have a big winner I put the money into my account so that I don’t have to carry around a load of cash.

  1. NFC payments
    I didn’t really see the point in them at first: “why would I use my phone when I could just use contactless with my card?”. However, I lost my card while on holiday and so had to use Apple Pay while I was out there and now I use it for pretty much every physical payment. Turns out I find it much easier to pull out my phone then double tap the Home button than to get my card out of my wallet! I’m not sure I’d have ever used Apple Pay if it wasn’t so easy to set up from the Monzo app.

  2. Bill Splitting
    When Monzo released Bill Splitting I thought it was a nice feature which I might use occasionally, but I use it loads now. It’s super useful, especially for buying small things for housemates or drinks for people when I’m going up to the bar, and it’s much easier to buy something on someone’s behalf and then immediately split it with them than it is to buy it for them and then have to awkwardly ask them for £2 or something.
    I think Bill Splitting has loads of potential to be a feature people would find difficult to live without if it gets a few additions (eg: being able to split all types of transactions and transfers (including incoming ones), ability to amend the split, adding notes & receipts when sending splits, the ability to cancel a split and the ability to send payment reminders).

  1. Monzo.me
    I thought I’d use monzo.me more than I have, but that’s mainly because loads of my friends already have Monzo.

  2. Summary
    Not sure this will be useful to me until Committed Spend pots are released and integrated into Summary - I just don’t like keeping my bills money in my main account.

  3. Shared Tabs
    I think Shared Tabs is in danger of becoming a feature which I’d use less than I thought unless it continues to improve because there are other options out there which do the same thing (eg: Splitwise) and it can be difficult to convince friends to switch over. Shared Tabs need to have all the features of Splitwise as a minimum (eg: adding communal notes & receipts to transactions, adding incoming transfers, adding manual payments in a foreign currency which are then automatically converted) and then become better than Splitwise (eg: adding recurring payments and auto-splitting them, automatically settle a tab on a given date).

I’ve used NFC mobile payments more I don’t even use my actual card anymore I use curve card whenever I need cash(very rarely)

Probably just pots and budgeting. Pots are great for keeping money separated and we’ve actually increased our savings considerably as a result.

Budgets while far from unique to Monzo is one of the more intuitive and faster implementations I’ve seen on the market and we’ve actually used it as a result (was too clunky on B) again this has helped us save a lot more than previously.

Really looking forward to seeing most of Monzo’s app getting redeveloped over the coming year or so as there’s so much potential waiting to be unleashed

NFC is useful, apple pay is higher than the £30 limit for contactless.
I use pots way more than i thought, helps massively with budgeting and saving.
Also refer a friend, when i first got a monzo before you were a bank, I was a bit unsure and honestly doubt I would of referred many people. Now I try to tell everyone and get them to join. (This was before I started to get £5 for doing so)

Probably summary for me. I make it a game to get my line to green throughout the month so now I question whether I really need to buy this and that. Also helps me save a lot better in the process.

Oh and I love the pot rounding up feature too.


Pots. I’ve saved so much since moving to Monzo. Really glad I did.


Recently I’v been getting stuck into the API, so much so I’ve bought a Raspberry Pi that quietly sits on my desk hosting a website for me to authroise my app if needed and a service updating google sheets with balances periodically.

Round ups! Love it, all those little bits certainly add up.

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Thought this was a bit of a gimmick at first and then found that I had saved quite a lot just from these little round ups! Also just started using pay by text/code which is great to pay people (saves getting other peoples bank details and also hopefully lead some of them to signing up with :monzo:


Difficult to say as I’m still quite new to :monzo: but I’m getting a lot of use out of the roundup feature (but wished it worked on purchases under £1); the iOS widget that shows my balance and spend; plus the budgeting tools. Other features I just haven’t had time to use yet, such as the Monzo.me link but will do when I can.

Aside from online shopping I haven’t had a lot of use out of the debit card yet. I have an Apple Watch and waving it at pay terminals is far too easy. :slight_smile:

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Pots. Come to utilise them heavily during my time with Monzo and I’ve recently started using IFTTT to automatically move money to and from them which is great!

The summarisation of category payments have really helped too. My wife is currently looking for a more economic car because she pays too much a month on transport.

I’ve got two:

Summary — I run my own budget in Excel, but having Summary tell me exactly what I can spend every month, and whether I’m overspending or not, has really made me consider my overall spending habits and help me make better decisions.

Split The Bill — I thought this would just be handy for big payments, but nah, turns out it’s quite handy for when I go to Tesco and my other half wants something. I don’t have to pester him for the coin anymore — I can just get Monzo to do it!

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