What kind of people sign up for Monzo?


I can’t put my finger why, but I’m quite fascinated by Monzo. So I was wondering whether Monzo people have any common characteristics. Jobs that people have/had and hobbies might provide some clues. For example, I’ve been a Telecomms Engineer, a Service Engineer and involved in Training (technical, train-the-trainer, quality and management training). I currently run a website, design databases and am trying to get my head round writing iOS apps.

(Philip Parkin) #2

First and foremost the attraction for me is the enthusiasm of the team and founder to make banking and finance a pleasure and to break away from banking as we know it.

(Nick) #3

The community is a great asset. Kind of knowing that people who work for Monzo, “want” to work for Monzo - rather than just having a job at Barclays! People that want to make a difference to banking.

I think people who sign up for Monzo, as in my example, are people that are not necessarily fed up with their current banking, but like to embrace technology, like to try something different and be a bit experimental.

(Colin Robinson) #4

I didn’t realise I was fed up with my bank until I found out how good :monzo: could make it :slight_smile:


Thanks for your responses @iceman, @nick69g and @Dunsford.

It looks like it’s the characteristics of Monzo itself that draws people in. For example - although I had a couple of problems setting up the account, the customer service experience was fantastic.

Certainly, trying something different was one of the attractions for me.

Althought I’m not disappointed with my current bank, Monzo has some important benefits for me:

  • Immediate feedback of transactions on the app.
  • No-fee Euro purchases
  • No ATM fees in Europe

I just hope that Monzo doesn’t drift into being an ordinary bank

(Melanie Gilliver) #7

I’m slowly being drawn into using more on-line services by younger, trendier friends. Must say I do love Monzo.