What is the number of active Monzo users?

Interested to find out how many active users there are. Good to know that sign ups are up but are people using Monzo as their main account now that we have current account, Apple Pay etc?

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Monzo classify a salaried account as one which has £1000 + paid into it each month. As for numbers not too sure. But then again many people use it as a secondary account .

Would be interesting to have that stat I agree

A recent stat by Tom suggests that 30% of Monzo accounts have their salary paid in.

That’s 600,000 accounts if you take the 2,000,000 number (it is now higher than that obviously).

You’ll probably need to wait for the next annual report for the weekly and monthly active users figures, don’t think we’ve had any since last year. 80% is ringing a bell, will go hunting

Surely transactions per day/week would be a better stat. Until Monzo has a few extra features I won’t ever switch across… but my weekly salary goes to Monzo (I just can’t have it recognised as it’s via Standing Order (from my business account)).


The following was mentioned in a recent TechCrunch article:

60% of U.K. signups remain long-term active, transacting at once per week.

27 to 30% of active users have at least £1,000 paid into their Monzo account per month.

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