What is nudge theory? And can it help you manage your money?

We’ve dug into a report from the Money Advice Service and the government’s Behavioural Insights Team about how behavioural science can help you manage your money.

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Very interesting!

The first post in a while that I’ve learnt something new (no offence) I’m just a Monzo nerd :nerd_face:

Could have left the locked pots friction out though :speak_no_evil: :wink:

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Great article, especially the locked pots friction! :wink:

Question “If you’re looking to cut down on buying lunch while you’re at work, you can even send yourself a message to show you how much money you might have wasted by buying food instead of saving or investing it instead.”

How do I do this? Is it related to Budget/Summary screen?

Unfortunately the NHS is a very poor example of nudge theory. They would get far better attendance if their staff actually agreed appointments with customers. Instead they just inform you when and where they want you to turn up, convenient or not. They have the technology but most of their staff refuse to use it.

Good to hear about using the theory in finance though.

It’s an IFTTT applet :slight_smile:

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Or even plan better. I’m awaiting surgery that they told me will be “within 12 months” and require 2 months off work. They rang me a couple of weeks ago and asked if I could do it “the day after tomorrow”. I’d have jumped at the chance, but I was out of the country and would like to give work more than a day’s notice if I’m going to be off 2 months.

Apparently that counts as my 1 chance to postpone. The next time I have to agree or come off the waiting list and start the whole process again (which has taken 3 years so far)

Try phoning NHS back (!) at a non busy time and asking for this ‘1 chance taken’ to be removed from your record as you were abroad so wasn’t possible or your fault. Ask them if they can make a note that you would like, if possible , some days notice as this is a work requirement. It may mean they don’t then phone you if there has been a cancellation though. Doesn’t surgery count as being ‘off sick’ which doesn’t need approval or notice? Could discuss with HR that are going ‘off sick’ without notice.