What ideas or products would you be willing to pay for?

After watching the Christmas Q and A, Tom mentioned paying for a family style account. I was just wondering if anyone had any other ideas they would be happy to pay for if integrated?

  • Secondary card
  • cash deposits
  • cheque deposits (if it costs Monzo)
  • Replacement cards after certain free threshold

Basically anything that costs Monzo money and I don’t consider to be a core function of modern banking.


I’m not sure what a ‘family account’ is but i’d be prepared to pay a monthly fee in order to get cashback, similar to Santander’s 123 Account.


TBH I’d be happy to pay a little every month just to make sure Monzo’s incentives are aligned with keeping me happy as a customer without having to worry about monetizing me through loans/overdraft/selling me products.


Fair enough but those products are available to help people too. Most of us can’t afford to buy a car outright but I’d rather get a loan from Monzo with pounds and pence explanations than many other products out on the market.

Of course, of course. I’m not saying Monzo shouldn’t offer loans or other products - absolutely should. Just that I think incentives would be better if it’s not the main way they make money.

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I’d pay a subscription fee to guarantee rapid chat+telephone customer support

Creating a 2 tier support system for those able or willing to pay would be completely at odds with what Monzo’s ethics are imo


Why is that?

Customers should be treated equally and fairly regardless of if they pay extra for it or not


Agree, I don’t think Monzo users should charge to get faster service. A premium tier should be limited to non-essentials like a fancy card, maybe insurance/ investment options, optional things like that. I don’t think it’ll be in line with their messaging so far to make people pay to get good service


That’s an argument against any paid features in Monzo in general. Do you feel that everything in Monzo should always be either for all customers or none at all?

Support isn’t an option, it’s a necessity. Mobile phone insurance, travel insurance, a metal card, those are all add ons


Faster support, not all support.

So you’d have a toggle for ‘urgent’or a toggle for ‘urgent but I’ve paid extra’? The target is low enough without needing that

Also if people paid it would possibly lead to more support queries


One could argue that a faster service is not essential. I’d only really pay for it so I could benefit from it when travelling. During most of the year, the standard level service is more than good enough.

Another idea is to bundle paid-for rapid customer support within a more comprehensive travel assistance package.

This isn’t taking my initial point as intended. Everyone should get good service. By faster service, I mean picking up phone on the first or second ring for example.

I’d be more interested in paying to beef up Monzo’s capacity for quicker telephone support. I don’t really like chat-based support, especially when something is urgent.

I see your point now, however I think this would be difficult to manage though and potentially backfire- since technically you could work around this by flagging the query as urgent.

I think urgent queries should still be dealt with first, I wouldn’t want to have to wait in the event I lose my phone/ card and desperately need to reach someone, only to end up waiting because premium users have paid to get answers first. On the flip side I think you would resent paying for a service and still not get an answer quickly.

You’ve mentioned quick replies/ more phone support, so maybe you’re looking for an expansion of a live chat of sorts like how Starling/ Three does support?


More likely it would lead to more support staff than to an increased load.

I’d be interested to know how much this current system of trusting users to flag queries as urgent is being abused

I don’t have any experience with these companies. I’d just rather speak to someone instead of use text-based chat when I have an urgent query.