What Happens To My Prepaid Balance After the Prepaid Accounts Are Closed

When the current account is fully launched for existing customers, what will happen to any money on the prepaid cards as I know you won’t be keeping them when the CA comes out. Will the balance just get transferred over?
Not even sure if you guys know yet?

It sounds like the balance will be transferred to your current account (unless you’d prefer for it to be returned to your funding method), the question is how..

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Personally, I’ll probably spend down to a minimal level and use whatever is left to pay off a small part of a credit card bill. It saves the need for any sort of transfer.

I travel a lot so load it so can’t just have a small amount on it. Plus no credit card bill to pay

We are working on a tool that will migrate the balance from prepaid to current account :+1:


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Sums up my comments on the other post perfectly. You aren’t ready. You should already have that tool, not still be working on it…

The current account is an Alpha Preview right now. We’ve not once referred to it as a finished product, because it isn’t yet.


Would have thought that account migration was probably one of the key deliverables. If the tool isn’t ready for the alpha testers, how’s it being tested? You can’t have it both ways. Your alpha is to prove functionality - how does that work when the functionality isn’t there? Oh, just wait a bit longer, bit more to test, coming soon etc etc…

It’s not a key deliverable for the Alpha Preview because the Alpha Preview runs side-by-side to the prepaid app, it doesn’t replace it.

It’s certainly a key deliverable for the full current account launch. But that isn’t where we are right now.


Let me get this straight.

The Current Account Preview isn’t a full launch and is actually a Preview?

If only there was some way that was indicated in the words Current Account Preview. Maybe a blog post detailing this could have been posted and discussed on the forum with over 800 comments.

C’est la Vie!


Have you ever heard of Agile and MVP?


Perfect thanks, just what I needed to know :+1:


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