What financial services would you like to see in the Monzo app

Now that Monzo is planning to offer bill comparisons, access to your Amex balance, and a range of savings accounts from other providers, what else would you like to see in the Monzo app, as it becomes a financial marketplace?

  • Other credit cards
  • Savings account balances
  • PayPal balance
  • Credit score (Clear Score/Noddle/Equifax)
  • TransferWise currency balances
  • Loyalty card balances
  • Other

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Investments such as pension & freetrade account!


Pensions, investment holdings/values, and premium bonds balance.

Also an insurance hub to store details of policies and enable quick-quoting if the marketplace ever arrives… similar, but better, to what Brolly offer.


I selected pretty much all of the them. The more the better - it’s just finding a useful way to display them that will be the challenge.

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Credit cards really depends on implementation. Just seeing the balance doesn’t give me much - what would be amazing is if Monzo would actually take that into account somehow, transferring money into a dedicated pot or even just removing that money from the “available to spend” part of the summary.

Savings accounts, eg Marcus by Goldman
Investment accounts, eg Hargreaves Lansdown
Pensions, eg Scottish Widows

A basic balance for each would be nice. Or, if possible, a net-worth figure :grin:

Also, my main use-case is basic account management for each, ie not having to switch contexts by going to payments but instead selecting the account and sending money. I always feel uneasy sending large amounts to my Monzo from my Barclays account, I like just switching funds between my different Barclays accounts with Transfers: nothing to go wrong. A similar thing for Monzo + other account integration would be awesome.


Access to a third party investment platform (freetrade I’m looking @ you)
Access to my LISA balance (Nutmeg)
Access to other investments/ bonds (NSandI maybe?)

Maybe a little like an aggregator to start with and then iterate to allow more writing ability through Monzo.