What countries has Mondo not been used in yet?

I travel a lot for work and now I have my card it’d be interesting to know which countries have yet to have a transaction!

I will doing a lot of travel to central Asia (the ‘stan’s’) and a tonne of South East Asia. Just for fun it’d be cool to have the whole world covered!

… I’m working on getting to the Pacific Islands - they are super remote!

I wonder if there’s any regions of the UK where it’s not being used yet? I’m guessing most customers are based in or around London but still a smaller percentage in other regions but is anywhere not represented at all?

Well I’m on Skye - one of the COUNTRIES in the UK (Highland Region of Scotland).

Nice place. Been ages since I’ve been there. How’s Mondo acceptance like on the island and have you tried it on-board the cafe on the ferry?

No problems with acceptance here. Chance would be a fine thing (with the ferry) … CalMac have withdrawn the purpose built ferry that was designed to and used to (up until last year) cross from Mallaig to Armadale - the substitute ferries are small, can’t cope (dock) with some of the tides and have no cafes on board!