Weekly Salary support

Please consider bumping this higher up the priority (if it’s even on the list), I feel like I’m missing out on a third of the functionality of the Summary tab because of this.

The payment reference is “SALARY”, so I don’t see why it would be difficult to implement compared to monthly.



This has been requested for a while (along with various different pay dates). No idea what’s happened to it.


I’ll second that. Pay myself on a weekly basis and it isn’t included in the salary section so feels like I’m missing out on some of the functionality.


I’m fed up of asking about this and getting no response, it’s quite ridiculous that it’s assumed everyone is paid monthly and it takes away from the functionality of the app for me personally.
I found some information stating that if I include a monthly amount in the budget section the summary wheel reacts better which it does but I still think that a weekly salary input/budget broken down further into daily allowances would be ideal


I’m not sure if you’re really missing out… I haven’t sound the summary section particularly useful or intuitive since they changed it anyway. It may be worth considering that. The also only recently got monthly pay days working, it was 4week before I think.