Weekly & fortnightly spending budgets

I’m wondering if anything can be done to make the “what you have left” summary abit more versatile.

Basically I get paid every 2 weeks.

I would like to know every 2 weeks my budget as oppose to the monthly/4 weekly option we are given.

Am I the only one or is this a beneficial idea?

I imagine this would be useful to a lot of people. I know people who get paid weekly, 2 weekly, every 4 weeks and monthly. Also some people like myself try to stick to a weekly budget even though I’m paid monthly.
So more versatility in this area would be a help to lots of us I should think.


I agree, I get paid every 2 weeks and I have the same problem. The budget summary is the only feature that I don’t use on Monzo, I hope they will fix it soon.

I get paid weekly and the “you have this much money left for this long” feature is driving me nuts! I’d be all for weekly budgeting, or at the very least the ability to turn this feature off.


Weekly has now been implemented as per:

In :android: app:

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I’ve seen a couple of different threads eluding to the idea of a two weekly summary option.

I don’t see why this hasn’t been implemented if I’m honest as I think the majority of people are paid/budget either weekly, two weekly, four weekly, or monthly.

Just think this would be a great asset to people who are paid two weekly! :slight_smile:

You should vote on those so it has the most impact. Creating new topics about the same thing will spread the votes out and therefore Monzo won’t see how popular it is :slight_smile:

Im completely new to the community so I’m not overly sure how it works :sweat_smile: I’ll go vote! :slight_smile:


@superstrat91 this is what I used to do for 4 weekly paydays, I can’t see why it wouldn’t work for 2 weeks.

You can force Monzo to cut your summary period by changing the date regularly. Every payday go to Summary > Change and select the next payday date, this will cut the previous period off allowing you to have a 2 week view of your spending. It looks like this for 4 weeks:

For your first payday trying this method you’ll need to select the current date first to cut off the previous summary period, check you’ve got a new period in the summary screen and then change payday to the next payday.