Wearable tech for pain relief

(Simon B) #1


Has anyone heard of this before, or similar?

I rarely talk about it but I suffer from chronic pain. It’s something I’ve dealt with my whole life and so I just sort of live with it, as I don’t want to be on painkillers all the time.

I recently saw these products on sale in the US and they are apparently FDA approved. Just wondering if anybody had any experience with this or other any pain relief without medication products or techniques?

(Matt ) #2

I swear by my TENS machine. There are much cheaper models too, that ones very fancy

(#savetheseabass) #3

Some chemists used to hire out the TENS machines for childbirth, might be worth checking to see if you can rent one to try before splashing out, but you can buy one in Argos for £30.

Mixed reports on them but depends what they’re used for. I know my mum tried it for nerve pain and it just irritated her nerves so much she couldn’t use it. Girl at uni used it for really bad period pain (muscular) and thought it was brilliant. From people who’ve used it in labour i’ve been told it’s good if pain is slowly building (I just wanted their strongest drugs).


This is essentially a tens machine, re-labelled as “wearable tech”, isn’t it?

I’m in a similar position to you: have chronic back pain and try to avoid medication where possible. I did try a tens machine a few years back. (when I was in Germany where my health insurance funded it.)

I found it provided some relief, but I’d need to wear it all day, and that’s where it got unpleasant: primarily because the electrodes would move all the time, so needed constant readjustment. That I have a very hairy back didn’t help, I’m sure. Applying them to my back also wasn’t exactly easy. From a cursory glance it appears that this device might address those points.

Secondly, the constant stimulation wasn’t really pleasant either. It’s a constant feeling of electricity through your body.

I’m still thinking about trying it again, as I’m hoping the technology has evolved since (this was probably almost 20 years ago), but as others have said I’d rent one first, before buying, to see if it works for me now.


I did a chip for a similar machine in the early 90s. The company that made the machine sold a 20 quid set of parts for almost £1000!

(Johnny Ellwood) #6

That’s the business. There is always profit in people’s pain.

(#savetheseabass) #7

That is word for word the ATOS slogan :grin: