All the team members are onboarded now and using the app, they are due to release the customer timeline in the next couple of weeks, but as @Rat_au_van said you can join in the discussion over at community.freetrade.io :+1:

(Nathan) #42

Been with Wealthify for the last 15 months and seen 8% returns on the most adventurous plan - can’t really complain. Opted for them because at the time they had the best app and lowest fees.

(Jack) #43

Now ethical investments

(Rob) #44

Freetrade launch in just over 4 weeks :balloon: (18th Sept). I’m currently paying a 0.7% fee on my wealthify account! I don’t think that’s good long term. Has anyone got a circle that they’re sharing?

(Jack) #45

Join my Wealthify Circle so we can both enjoy discounted fees. Download the app from https://wealthify.com/app and use my code SWJZ38


Hello fellow Wealthifiers(?)

Can I ask a question to some of you?

Is there anyone who has deposited a lump sum of cash in your account, and just left it (so, no monthly top ups)?

If so - Does your account continuously show small transactions (buy/sell) - Or does it effectively look dormant with whatever S&S’s it holds?

I had daily activity up until the end of August, and then absolutely nothing since - Wealthify claim it’s standard behaviour, so I’d like to know what other customers have experienced?


(Steve) #47

Super late answer but same as you, started with lots of buys and sells now is fairly settled. I assume this is when they tweak the portfolio.

It does seem like standard practice, the general rule of investing in funds is the longer you invest without making changes the more you make - this is because despite periodic up and downs they do recover and grow over long periods.

How’s yours doing? My Wealthify made 6% last month despite a quite turbulent month (10 risk / All Ethical)

My Nutmeg is newer but has had a rubbish start. I changed mid month to their new full ethical plan and it immediately recovered to its original value and started to turn a profit…then today happened and it’s back wildly negative (7/10 Risk).