Was that spend really necessary?

After every transaction id like a pop up to ask “was that spend really necessary?” with a simple yes or no.

At the end of the month, I can see how much of my money I could have saved- as an actual value or a % of money spent.

yeah, I’d delete Monzo if they started asking me that after every purchase


Was that spend really necessary?

Yes it was otherwise I would not have done it



Might be able to do something with IFTTT perhaps?

At worst there is an IFTTT applet that will write every transaction to a google spreadsheet you could then go through that and add Yes/No to get the data points you want.

Personally I don’t want this in the app, or if it is added, then by default it’s off!!


If Monzo turned into my Mum I’d be very upset.

You can get something similar using IFTTT.

I made an applet that would transfer money out of my “Coffee” pot when I spend at a predifined list of coffee shops (using Platform and filter code).

You can set up Multiple Actions using Platform - so one of them I set up was a notificaiton to say “You’ve just spent £X.XX on cofffee! Did you really need that coffee?”

You could use a specific emoji/word in the notes for anything you think after was unnecessary. Then use the search function for that emoji or word and it’ll give you a total at the bottom of screen :mag: