“Go without” a feature to tell Monzo you were going to buy a coffee but went without which adds the money to your pot

My idea is a feature where you would, for example go to buy a coffee or a takeaway then decide against it, you would tell Monzo you decided to “go without” a coffee and input it’s price say £3, Monzo would then put the £3 into your pot. You could check how much you had saved into your pot broken down into what you hd decided to go without for example you have saved £56 this month by going without 2 takeaways and 4 coffees.

I think there’s a IFTTT recipe for that.

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Or just transfer the money into the pot :thinking:


That wouldn’t give you a breakdown of where the money has come from or what you’d saved by not buying the thing

Yeah there’s a few IFTTT recipes for this. You could also create a widget for it too, so when you tap that it adds the £3 to a pot :slight_smile:

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Agree it wouldn’t - just don’t see how knowing that would be a benefit but that’s just me.

“I saved £200 so far this year” vs “I saved £200 by not buying burnt crap from Starbucks”.

In your mind, you’d know you’d not been to Starbucks etc anyway.

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How would the app know you decided to not buy that Iced Mocha Praline Macchiato? Wouldn’t it just be easier, and less complicated for Monzo in development time for a very niche feature, to transfer the money to a pot? Naming the pot ‘Starbucks Savings’ would tell you how much you have saved.


How about a button, which you can preset an amount, that when you tap it will move money? Useful for cigarettes as well

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This you can implement in iOS quite easily with Shortcuts - probably the nearest solution to this request.

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On iOS 12?

I think so. I think I had it before I upgraded to 13. It does require a touch of tinkering with the Monzo API, but you end up with a button on your home screen you can tap and move money with.

I’ll dig out a guide I used in a bit.

If there isn’t one directly, it’s doable. It would simply be something to read the day’s transactions and if Costa / Starbucks doesn’t appear, or whatever your local watering hole comes up as, then transfer X to pot.

Could also be done based on GPS data as well.

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If you’re interested, there’s a thing called IFTTT - If This Then That - which handles this sort of thing.
It has integration with Monzo so that 3rd party developers can come up with all sorts of crazy things and then on the IFTTT app you decide what it is you’d like to use.

So you can do things in Monzo totally unrelated to what may appear in your Monzo app. Eg. If you’ve reached 10k steps, add money to your Holiday fund.

You could had a note with the transaction.

So for the Shortcut feature I was on about yesterday - this is what I set up before - was posted by someone on the Forum:

Hopefully that explains how you set it up - you do need to use IFTTT, which I forgot about, but it still useful.

The end result if you follow this exactly will be a button you can put on your home screen that will move an inputted amount when pressed.

With a tiny bit of tweaking you could make it default to a specific value at each press.

The guide says AMEX but it is effectively a pot-moving tool that works outside of the app.

yeah so i have no idea what any of that is on about, so i’ll pass

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it does work pretty well for me, I’m still using it now. If you have any trouble with the guide let me know and I’ll try to help.

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Same here - it’s not too painful to set up - it looks more confusing than it is.