Monder — track your spending happiness (like Tinder for Monzo spending)

This weekend was my first weekend with Monzo. It was nothing like a weekend at Bernie’s but kinda had the same level of excitement. My brain couldn’t help but go into feature idea overdrive.

Do you ever buy stuff that you kinda regret buying? Do you buy stuff that you really enjoy and feel great about?

Introducing Monder, it’s like Tinder for your Monzo transactions.

Tap the Monder icon to build a profile of your transaction happiness! Monzo displays a random transaction from your transaction history. You can either:

  • Swipe left to say “I kinda regretted that transaction”
  • Swipe right to say “I was happy with that transaction”

Over time you build up a % :slight_smile: and % :frowning: of all your transactions.

Why is this useful? I guess it could influence your spending habits! So go build a better relationship with your spending.


Man, from the subject I was expecting an entirely different proposition that made me cringe. Thankfully you went a different direction. I like the idea. A retrospective of your purchases and how you eventually felt about them, I can’t say that’s something I’ve ever done or heard of.

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That’s a brilliant summary of the idea!

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Not quite sure what you expected :smirk:

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Sounds good. Let’s see how it’s implemented.

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From a man who claims to care about where his money goes but buys way too much crap from Amazon, iTunes, etc, this feature is a necessity.

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@beningreenjam I’d completely forgotten about this idea. Yeah, now I’ve used Monzo a little more I’d really like to swipe left and right for each item of spending. So intrigued to know what my happy to unhappy spending ratio would be! Let’s do this :monzo: :helicopter:

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Turns out a startup was inspired by this NYT article -

to build an app that does exactly this (although the design less slick than Tinder’s).

Also, if you click the download on the app store button, you just get a popup that says coming soon & the app’s Twitter account was created in August 2015 :grimacing:


Thanks for sharing the NYT article and screenshot, @alexs. Feels like Monzo is well placed to experiment with this idea. I’m still excited by it!

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