Waiting over 72 hours for support

Can someone from monzo please help me.

Having numerous issues using card in India and I’ve been waiting over 72 hours for a specialist now. Really disappointed in the service yet again.


Specialists don’t seem to operate at the weekend or are reduced in number.

As a regular you’ll know there isn’t much the forum can do to help, however I hope Monzo get back to you soon.

India seems to be a problematic country. Hope you get something sorted


Have been able to use starling card without issue but having to keep moving money about in a country that keeps shutting off the internet is difficult.


Good luck, give it about a week and they might come back to you.

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Perhaps the wise thing to do would be to move all of the money over to Starling if that’s working fine and deal with the Monzo problem when you get back.

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