Anybody been to wagamama before? Went there today and loved it, probably the nicest tasting food ive ever tried. Modern and friendly atmosphere etc


Yes, their food is great.
I tend to order from them via Deliveroo.

I thought it was ok but nothing special, mainly seem to serve watery soup with noodles

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It’s decent for a quick meal akin to Nando’s

It’s ok for a big chain. I’m sure there are better local options that will serve similar though.

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I have to say, I know it’s a global chain, but I’m hooked on Benihana!

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Not visited it yet tbh, we have plenty of better food options in our beautiful city! :smiley:

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I forget some chains aren’t very big outside of London. My family in north Scotland would never have heard of Wagamama (and Inverness only fairly recently got a Nandos).

I like Waga but some friends don’t. They do some really nice rice dishes, I’m not a big fan of noodles. i definitely prefer it to Nandos which I find really dull.

I remember when there was only a few, and you had to queue to get in

Yes! Love it, went there last night! Love the Katsu curry :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I am a big Wagas fan, mostly for the starters and sides. Could eat chilli squid and gyoza for ever :yum: