Vote for MAY's #monzomeetup

(Zainab Khan) #1
  • Edinburgh
  • Newcastle
  • Birmingham

0 voters

(Colin Robinson) #2

Should be able to get to Brum from Naarwich :slight_smile:


I’ve got no skin in this meetup but I’ve voted for Edinburgh as I think it would be good to get right up north.

(Tom Warren) #4

My reasoning is the same :wink:


Same reasoning as Chris :muscle:

(Marta) #6

I voted for Newcastle, so Chris doesn’t manipulate results too much!

We probably shouldn’t be voting if it doesn’t affect us. :stuck_out_tongue:


What if that was my aim?

(Marta) #8

Well, that’s what I thought you were doing, that’s why I applied some resistance. :smirk:

(Oliver strong) #9

#Taunton #farmerland


You can’t be far from me then @Oliverstrong! Oooh aaar :tractor: