Virtual Cards enhancement

Ability to write text onto the virtual card, currently on Apple Pay, you only know the card using its colour which isn’t helpful when managing multiple cards. Ability to write the Virtual Card name or pot it’s linked to on the card itself would be an amazing useful enhancement

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This is not possible. If you have a search you’ll see all the other times this was asked for.


You should really ask Apple for this, the image you see is pulled in from a library of images based on the first 6 digits I believe.

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Others have managed to do this. Surely Monzo could. B&Q, Hotel Chains, even the NHS Covid Pass did this with more text., Only Monzo has no text on their Virtual cards while other banks do.

You’ve listed “membership cards” rather than payment cards, which are all barcodes/qr codes. Membership cards are not as limited.
Payment cards (which virtual cards are) are a lot more restrictive. As mentioned above, you would need to ask Apple to allow more customization for payment cards.

Google Pay is the same btw. Limited card designs, but now Google allow you to set (and display) a nickname for your card.


Google and Apple don’t allow personalisation.

As a noted above, you’re referring to information/member cards, not bank cards.


You’ve listed cards with one design. Monzo can put anything on them, but if they make pink “shopping” then that’s more confusing for someone who uses it for the gym only.

Each “design” is a separate upload, so to have each category on each card, would be categories x colours = lots