Add notes and transaction feed to Virtual Cards

Might be asking too much here but I’d love 2 more things for virtual cards on top of all the other functionality we’ve already requested for them.

The first would be able to add notes to a virtual card, somewhere I can make a not of what I use it for, others might like to go further and include renewal dates etc in the notes if they use it for subscriptions.

The second would be to have a transaction feed for each card as well, it would be fantastic to click on one and see a list of transactions I’ve used it for.

Is this not part of the new split out manage/feed tabs? :eyes: I know they’ve added feeds to pots, and would assume VC gained it too – maybe not.

No unfortunately not but could see that ui work here quite easily, when you click on a VC at the moment you just get a picture of the card and the card details

Makes sense especially with the recent feed tabs. You’ve got my vote sir!

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