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Just looked that up, it states any additional payments you make to the card, will reduce the amount of the installment, however your card balance for normal transactions needs to be £0. Otherwise any payments go to your normal transactions.

It then states that if you pay your installment plan early you’ll not be charged the fee for any additional months, so I’m assuming that means a refund of that setup fee :eyes: I need to read the test of the FAQs at some point

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Ah so the fee is x £ each month, which you’d save, along with the already lowered interest?

Makes some sense you can only pay off the highest balance or main card balance first, though having said that, the cost of the Slyce could be more an outgoing than the actual card balance repayments so some flexibility would’ve been nice.

Virgin gives me early fintech vibes considering its been around a long time as Clydesdale/Yorkshire.

You’d think their app and product launches would be polished and refined, as with NatWest maybe.

An automated Slyce would’ve been much more convenient, but I guess the tech behind it isn’t there to do it just yet. Not seen any huge advertising yet except the customer emails I’ve received on it.

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Just got this email

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Noticed I can set up Trusted Retailers on my credit card account, so it’ll stop asking for 3D secure all the time. Does mention from time to time they’ll randomly go through the full authorisation process to check it is me ordering.

Tbf this is just a card for random large purchases, so I’ll more then likely never use that facility.


So I signed up to their current and savings account a few months back but the rate very quickly got beaten by competitors. So now I have a VM account and no use for it, but cancelling looks like it involves some slightly faffy paperwork.

Is there any reason why I shouldn’t just CASS away to close the account? There aren’t any DDs on the account or any money in it, but would it still work?

Hailfax is running a switch incentive which doesn’t require any Direct Debits. Info here.


Virgin Money wallet. Coming soon. Service Temporarily Unavailable | Virgin Money UK

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Explain to me what this is, because Virgin Money certainly hasn’t


I’d guess a bit like curve, but collect virgin red points when you add cards and spend. Maybe even like airtime rewards.


The video explains it a bit better. It is a way to access your accounts from a range of Virgin products, which at the moment, will be Virgin Money, Virgin Red, and Virgin Atlantic (if I remember correctly). They seem to integrate with each other more than they currently do.

Although I agree, they haven’t explained it well.


Ah, totally different to what I’d envisioned :joy:

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It seems the Virgin Money wallet app is available on apple devices already

How’s it different to the Virgin Red app?

Based on the very rubbish explainations on the website, it also has your Virgin Money account and another Virgin comany account which I cant remember. I assume, overtime, they will add a few more Virgin companies into it.

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Just downloaded the VM app since closing current account last year.

Seems quicker than it was, and moving funds between savings and pots is instant whereas I’m sure it used to take a day.

Maybe current account to pot balance takes a day? I don’t have a current account yet, being processed for a new one.

Have they tidied up the instant spend notifications yet? Seemed a mess months ago.

in my experiences they can be instant some times or a couple minutes behind sometimes not showing at all.

Most annoying part is when u receive money from someone sending it you don’t get a notification.


So received this earlier from VM, not bad deal, used their insurance few times no issues, Really don’t like the app but mainly used for the Insurances.

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Anything going down in price is rare these days.


Is the card the same for the Club M as is the M Plus or whatever they’re called

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Yeah pretty much same thing

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