Virgin Galactic (livestream 3.30pm today)

The Unity 22 launch will be broadcast live on YouTube at 2pm BST

More information about the launch below

Branson finally gets to fulfill his dream of taking a flight onboard, 17 years ish since the company was formed.

And the all important livestream


Loving the Virgin/Amazon online spat regarding who’ll be the first in ‘actual space’. Jeff’s not chuffed about Richard pipping him to the post and the Blue Origin team have been really putting the Virgin flight down.


Virgins response is better, don’t play into the hands of a childish billionaire. They’ve rightly focused on the launch, talking about the technology in play etc.

Branson has addressed it correctly and actually shown respect for his competitors.


Which one?

Meh. This one is by far the least exciting of the three ventures, so I won’t be watching it.

Neither of them grab my interest quite like Space X do. Their rockets are just cool.

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Times changed to 3.30 coz of weather

Changed the thread title

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Thanks, was just about to get my popcorn out an all :rofl:


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They need to have a word with Elon about how to make the cameras and sound work properly

Also how to start the live stream less than 5 minutes after take off

What a moment.

Proof of concept for passengers to do Up-Down travel across the globe done :rocket:

Well done Virgin Galactic, well done Sir Richard. Another one for England.

(Shame about Wimbledon’s mens final, as far as England participation is concerned, but at least the venue is English and on fire right now! - Great match)