Viola Enters Administration

“Extra piece of mind”

Oh dear. Is that contained in the chip on the card, do you think? I wonder how much extra processing power it adds to the human brain.


I wonder what they did that was so bad





If you didn’t yet, read the thread , it’s concerning.

A couple from the thread.

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Did you used to work for them?

Very detailed :thinking: I too would be interested in your source


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I expect a spam link to appear in an edited post in a few days time

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this is exactly what it is. its not going to change.

Well yeah clearly :laughing: I meant where have you learnt all this from, what is your connection to the company - basically why should we believe you.

There’s so much there that it needs some sort of evidence to support it.

Going to need a mop for all this spilled tea…


It’s paywalled :frowning:

There’s a brief mention and some links to other sources re: Onecoin in this (to me!) interesting article about Crypto scams: How cryptocurrency scams work

A money launderer rinsed over £75 million from a scam based on a worthless cryptocurrency called ‘OneCoin,’ a court heard. Christopher Hamilton, 62, is said to have laundered up to US Dollars 105m from the American scheme in which investors were promised fantastic rates of risk free profit. But the OneCoin was worthless and Hamilton was arrested at his home in Cowbridge, near Bridgend in south Wales in April 2016. He was found with three bankers cheques at his home…

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