✅ View unpaid split bills

Would be great to see if you had any outstanding split bills not paid by people. If a split bill isn’t paid right away it can easily get lost down the list


This has been requested alot!

I feel like this is where they want Tabs to shine but something similar for normal bill splitting definitly needs implemented also :slight_smile:

This is in the “Coming Soon” section of Making Monzo. It’s been one of my top hoped for items since bill splitting went into labs!

Is it? It isnt in mine on ios in the making monzo section :thinking:

On Android:


I think the aim is to maintain parity so I would guess it’ll be coming to iOS too.

Came here looking for this but based on what is here, you’d think this would have been implemented by now.

Anyone got any ideas when/if this is coming?

The ability to view unpaid Bill Splits is already in the app:

Payments tab ==> Share section.

However, pending sent money requests do not appear in the Share section yet. You can vote for them to be included here:

There is no share section for joint accounts so this feature is not implemented.

Maybe this thread could become ‘View unpaid split bills in joint accounts’?

If you want to improve the Bill Splitting experience for Joint Accounts, you might find this thread useful:

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