View balance at time of transaction

I think it would be useful to be able to view the balance at the time of a transaction.
Clicking a transaction would show the additional information and in that would be the current account balance at that time, or maybe the balance as a result of that transaction.

I’ve often looked back and wanted to see what the current balance was at a point in time and have had to add up transactions to calculate this.

I think Barclays recently implemented something similar.


When you get pulse you’ll be able to scroll to a transaction and it will tell you the balance at that time.

Do you mean the graph at the top?

That works for a day of transactions but not a single transaction within a day.


This would be great, and you are not the only one that would like it! There’s a long discussion on it here:

It is currently possible to either download a PDF statement to see the running balance, or you can download a CSV of all your transactions from the beginning of time and use a spreadsheet to add a running balance column. Neither are as convenient as being able to just look at the transaction detail as you’ve suggested, which would be useful when trying to do quick checks/reconciliations.

Hugo did say that this information would be provided in the transaction detail, but I’ve not heard anything since. Hopefully it’s still planned at some point? :crossed_fingers:

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