Verifying bank account details

In the process of trying to move some DD’s to a new current account and both of them have failed an electronic check. As a result they’re both asking for me to provide a statement as proof.

There’s no issue with that, but does beg the question if I’m doing something wrong. I’ve double and triple checked the account details and they’re correct, in hindsight though I didn’t use my middle name so that might’ve simply been enough to make it throw a wobbly?

Unless there’s some sort of delay with new accounts being viable for electronic verification, but I assumed the electronic verification is done using open banking standards?

You should be fine to use it - some companies refuse to update their systems regularly with a list of updated sort codes.

The best thing to do is to complain to the company, if you’re feeling that way inclined or to email & they can reach out to the company and tell them to sort their systems out.

If you don’t mind me asking - which companies are you trying to set the DD up with? They might be ones that have been raised before on here where a workaround is known - in some cases ringing them can get round their stupid online checks. :smiley:

I had this with Amex and Interactive Investor when I was transferring DDs to my new HSBC account because HSBC were using a new sort code. Neither would do it until I provided a statement showing my name and address along with the sort code and account number.