Verification Time

I’ve been waiting quite a few hours for my ID and video to be verified, I was wondering how long this can take ?

Hi @georgyc it can take a few hours. If you don’t hear anything soon then you should be able to use in-app chat. If not then email

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Ok thanks for your help I’ve been waiting about 4 hrs so will give it a little while longer and see what happens. Thanks for the quick reply !


Have you tried force closing the app and reopening it? I vaguely remember this helping when I opened my account a while back.

If not, it may just take a while longer.

@redshift I’ve tried that and have reinstalled the app once, I assume it’s just taking a little while longer to verify.

Might be a slight increase in verification times if there’s been a lot of 16-17yr olds applying for accounts with yesterdays launch.

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Yeah. Some of the process is automated but I imagine a human has to get involved every now and then which may cause a delay.

Ahh ok that must be the cause of the delay, I’ll keep waiting and will contact support if I haven’t heard anything by this evening.


When I applied for mine 3 weeks ago…it took 3-4min…

Wonder if we’ll see a noticeable spike in the user number from this?

Will probably start seeing it in the counter stats in the next day or two as accounts get activated.

Friday / Saturday maybe?

Guess this happens a lot, mines been verifying all day, yet my wife’s verified straight away, if this is so unpredictable not sure I want to be putting my money here anyway

This is what I can gather by reading various community forum posts:

  • Monzo use a program that tries to match the photo on the ID you submit to Monzo with the selfie video also submitted.

  • If the program is confident enough that the ID and the selfie video are the same person, verification is automatic and pretty much instant.

  • If the program is not confident enough that the ID and the selfie video are the same person, someone has to manually look at the ID and selfie video and decide if they are the same.

So, if the verification isn’t instant, it might take a while for someone to verify it manually, especially on weekends and holidays because less/no people are working at verifying the identities of the people who the program cannot verify confidently itself.

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HI - I’ve just signed up today and I was asked for my mobile number and for the last 20 mins I’ve been waiting on a verification code to be sent via SMS - but I haven’t received anything. I have only been asked (so far) for an email address, my name and my mobile…not sure what I should be expecting next.

But can someone tell me how long the verification code takes to be sent to my mobile?

Thanks in advance.


It usually comes through within 5 mins. If it still hasn’t come through I’d try to go back a step and re enter your mobile number :slight_smile:

If you’re still having help best to email

Hi Jack - I’ve tried that a few times and no luck. I clicked on the little ? icon and sent them a message - i’ll mail them on the address you gave me and see what happens.

Thanks for getting back to me.


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