Variable frequency for Pot transfers

I get paid four weekly instead of PCM. So when my salary comes in it’s hanging around in my main account for a week or two.

So instead of just having a monthly transfer it’d be handy to be able to set say fortnightly or every 4 weeks.

I am able to do this with my Bank of Scotland accounts

Using my powers of deduction. I now know you’re on iOS.


May as well just get an Android

Now you’re learning

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I’m not getting one

Then you must continue your learning.


This is available for the android version of the app but not iOS. It’s annoying and frequently requested as the above conversation illustrates :grin:


I learned not to get an Android when I had this monstrosity for all of 2 weeks



You can do it with IFTTT while you wait for parity:

That’s the thing with Android. There’s plenty of bad phones to put you off.


i thought the thing with android was google.

Also doesn’t work on JA.

Like I said parity :soon:

Meant Iffft too :joy:

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I really hope Monzo build the ability to set up a Standing Order for “every X days/weeks/months/years”, rather than just building “every 2 weeks” and “every 4 weeks”.

I really need this functionality, its so frustrating that we can’t do something so simple

Any word of it coming to iOS?