Valued by Us - new high street challenger bank

any wants to invest in this? the comments section is pretty revealing

No EIS or SEIS facility for investors, it’s going to be a bit of a turn off, I think, although they seem to have managed to raise 4%/£24K so far. Aside from the swish video there’s little for me to feel confident about this venture, and am pretty confident I wouldn’t invest. Besides, I :heart: :monzo: !

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Being on a site where you have to register even to see the pages properly doesn’t help…

But sounds like they want to open a high street bank based on using coffee shops to attract people? I’m not seeing that being a serious venture - to have a high street presence to rival the existing banks would require them to open >1000 coffee shops, plus staff costs, and make enough profit to survive, whilst having no fees for banking at all (even unauthorised overdrafts… great I’ll open one and take a few thousand interest free thanks)… at a time when everyone else is closing branches as they’re not profitable.

I’m gonna stick £10 on this :upside_down_face:

Let’s hope you’ll be more successful in getting their card than you did with the CA preview card. :joy:

The focus on the “low-cost” aspect really doesn’t appeal to me… it’s good to be low-cost but you can do so without actually mentioning it (or at the very least not using the low-cost term itself), currently it just looks cheap. Not to mention the comparison with Lidl and Aldi. The logo doesn’t help either.

That’s going to be a no from me, sorry.