Using your spare change

Almost every day I am asked for spare change and even though I do actually want to give something I never carry cash. After being asked to give money I rarely remember later to donate to homelessness links, crisis, shelter or the local hostel or services. I think it would be great if Monzo had a ‘spare change’ section where you could choose to donate to homelessness services when you encounter someone on the street asking for money. I have asked a lot of people about what prevents them from giving money to strangers and two answers I have heard are:

  1. I want to but I never have cash
  2. I’m don’t trust that the money I give will help the person I’m giving it to
    Ideally Monzo would let you opt in to have the ‘change’ (anything left over from the next pound up on a purchase) available to donate as and when you want.

There was a cool iteration that once was coming soon, even had mock ups from Monzo but seems to have died down a little.


You can also use ‘Pay it forward’ when you buy the Big Issue magazine:

Not sure if this is still running or not but just shows yet another way that Monzo are helping :slight_smile:

These are good ideas, but you could also set up a standing order to your local homeless shelter. Charities prefer standing orders to ad hoc donations because it allows them to predict their future cash flow more accurately.

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