Using my Monzo card abroad

Hello guys

I am going away very soon to Jamaica to be precise and I would like to use my card to make payments as someone told me Monzo does not charge and sorts out the exchange rates automatically which is very useful. i saw there was a pre paid card but it was an older thread. How would it work? I have money set aside that I would like to use whilst I’m out there, what’s everyones experiences been whilst abroad?

Any advice would be much appreciated.


Hey Cartèlea :wave:t5:

When you use your monzo card abroad Monzo (the bank) do not charge extra fees, they pass the conversion to MasterCard - more info here :arrow_right:

When it comes to withdrawing cash Monzo have a few-free £200 limit, this can be checked by tapping ‘manage’ on the your card screen, scroll down until you see ‘Limits and Allowances’ - more info here :arrow_right:

As for talks about the prepaid card - that was before Monzo became a bank (feels like ages ago :man:t5:‍🦳), things were a little different there, but looking at the JA forum here, nothing sounds different from the current account. So you have nothing to worry about.

Enjoy JA :airplane: :jamaica: :sun_with_face: :tropical_drink: :beach_umbrella:


There is a topic dedicated to Monzo in Jamaica below… there isn’t much in it but hopefully you can find some helpful stuff in there too.

When you pay with your Monzo card make sure you’re being charged in Jamaican Dollars (J$). Sometimes the card reader will see you’re using a British card and attempt to charge you in GBP, or offer you the choice.

‘Their’ exchange rate will always be disadvantageous to you, and the choice can often be deliberately confusing to trick you into paying in pounds, so beware!

Wherever you travel to, always pay in the local currency and let Monzo take care of the exchange rate. You’ll always be better off.