Using my card in the Netherlands

I’ve arrived in the Netherlands today and finding I can’t use it in the supermarket. Could anyone advice me what I should do?

Why can’t you use it? What error are you getting and where?

If there’s nothing in your feed to say there was a problem with funds in your account for example, then it’s likely the issue with is with the card machine.

From memory, some shops in parts of the Netherlands don’t accept MasterCard and insist on Maestro. Depends on the place of course, and things may have improved/changed since my last visit (a few years ago thanks to Covid), but maybe check that’s not the case.

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You may find your card isn’t accepted in quite a lot of places in The Netherlands as Maestro is the main card payment network used (rather than MasterCard).

You shouldn’t have any trouble in the tourist areas but if you’re outside main cities maybe take some cash. You can use this tool to find a MasterCard ATM.

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TIL that Maestro was still a thing.

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