Card refusal Netherlands

Getting about a 10% refusal rate in Netherlands, not just Monzo but any UK card that I have. Appears that a lack of Meastro is the common denominator, is this something Monzo sill adopt?

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Just checked the app help document and yep… It says that a lot of the Netherlands uses Maestro, where Monzo uses Mastercard. Sorry about that!

Indeed, just been rejected again in another bar, running out of cash now. Is Meastro something Monzo will use??

Who knows? Not anyone here, that’s for sure.

Enjoy your trip, though. :+1:

It’s a quite well known quirk of Dutch banking that they have their own little payments ecosystem based around maestro. Last time I was there I went to a cashless Albert Heijn that was only accepting maestro card and had some other bizarre things going on like needing to carry a scanner around instead of having a normal till, so basically I could not trade with them.

I think I heard somewhere that their love of maestro was to do with a group of merchants realising they could pay lower fees by edging out Visa and MasterCard.

As far as I know, Monzo doesn’t have any plans to appease such a niche in a country it doesn’t even issue accounts to.

You would need to get a local account. Think Bunq for the Dutch equivalent of Monzo, who do provide maestro cards.

There are others too as Holland are not far behind the UK on the fintech scene, although their names escape me…

Probably my post on a similar topic in May. Many retailers told me Maestro don’t charge fees to retailers, so lots of places only accept that and not Visa, MasterCard or Amex


Yeah, must have been that!

I wonder why it’s just a Dutch thing then and not an everywhere thing? Surely no businesses like paying interchange :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

How does Maestro make money then? I though interchange was the general money making idea?

It’s not a major issue, although it could be if on the end of a largish bill, but just something you need to be aware of if travelling in the Netherlands…

No idea, but it was the same reason given in many places.

It’s amazing how many retailers lost out on my average spend of £40 because I didn’t have Maestro. Surely there’s a point at which that undoes the fee saving.

yeah, I’m a fairly regular visitor to the Netherlands, and it’s a huge source of frustration that I don’t reliably know whether I’m going to be able to pay for things on my card.
I’d really like to be able to get a Monzo or similar Maestro card for these travels, but I guess it’s not on their roadmap because it’s such a niche requirement

Agreed on the frustration, another “oh, look at the chap with no funds/dodgy card” moment today…

I’ve only ever banked with Natwest or Monzo and I’m sure some of my cards were Meastro enabled at some point, none are now tho, neither debit or credit.

Natwest and HSBC used to issue Maestro cards as their debit cards but they eventually moved to Visa.

yes, I’ve had the most success paying with a Visa credit card in the Netherlands - unfortunately, barclays charge me nearly 3% foreign transaction fees, so I tend to avoid using it unless I’m in a bind